Sunday, August 17, 2008

Tecsun S-2000 Finally hits the market (aka Grunding Satellite 750)

The recently announced Tecsun S-2000 is an exciting new portable that brings the world of shortwave and amateur radio to your finger tips! You will get complete coverage of all the long wave, medium wave and shortwave frequencies as well as FM (stereo to the earphone jack). Plus the S-2000 also receives the VHF aeronautical band (117-137 MHz, sorry no 2 meter band!). Your shortwave coverage includes the reception of the single sideband (SSB) mode allowing the reception ham radio operators, maritime and shortwave aeronautical stations. You can select either wide or narrow selectivity to reduce co-channel interference. You can tune your favorite stations by the conventional tuning knob, quick keypad entry of via the 1000 memories. And you will enjoy the fidelity you have come to expect from Tecsun enhanced by separate bass and treble controls. The radio features both an Earphone Jack and a Line Output Jack. Long distance Medium wave (AM band) reception is possible because of the built-in rotatable, directional ferrite antenna. The right side of the radio has BNC and terminal-type external antenna jacks. It's size is 14.65 x 7.24 x 5.75 inches.

As with new production runs, best to wait!

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