Saturday, August 16, 2008

Commuter-Fi: Oregon Scientific - Music Orbit & Station

Oregon Scientific Style-Fi: Music Orbit + Music Station

I purchased the Oregon Scientific Music Orbit + Music Station some while back so that I could use the CD player for listening to music on the long train rides to and from work, the Music Orbit is a shockproof MP3, WMA and CD portable player that supports CD text and ID3 tagging. Detailed with an aluminum-ringed crystal clear transparent lid. At home, simply dock the portable Music Orbit into Music Station’s chic, glossy speaker for expansive sound which will function as a CD player for the home. Alone, Music Station can also function as an FM/AM radio with option to preset up to 40 radio stations.

The unit comes with some typical in ear ear buds and quite frankly they are disappointing and do not do any justice for the Music Orbit CD player, so the Music Orbit is partnered up with a pair of pretty decent AKG K416P cans which do allot more justice. The Music Orbit uses rechargeable batteries and the Music Station acts as the charger when docked. I don't know if this gadget is still available or not, it might still be on ebay and some other outlets, so shop around.

Above the Music Orbit CD player with my AKG K416P cans for the Commuter-Fi set up.

The AKG K416P headphones:

Headphones weight without cable (g) 73
Sensitivity (dB/mW, dB/V*) 126*
Audio bandwidth (Hz to kHz) 11-29,5
Rated impedance (ohms) 32
3D-Axis (folding mechanism) Yes
Patented self-adjusting headband Yes
Unbreakable metal arches Yes
99.99% oxygen-free cable (length in m) 1,0
Hard gold-plated jack plug and contacts Yes
Closed-back, dynamic headphones Yes
NdFe magnets Yes
Suited for (SA)CD, DVD(A), DAT Yes
Best for MP3, CD, MD and PC/laptops Yes

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