Friday, May 30, 2008

European and Asian television frequencies, locators and Video

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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Follow Up: 07:00Z on 19th May, 2008 - I was heard on 6M in W7.

Even though the past few days has not seen a repeat of Monday's conditions, all the hams involved are hopeful that such conditions will repeat itself sooner or later and that we will have a good chance with some long distance QSO's. The following are some extracts on the possible mode of propagation that we all experienced:
From: Barry Garratt
Sent: 22 May 2008 2:05
To: ve3dss; 'Pete Csanky'
Cc: Steve; Han Higasa; Hide

Subject: Coordinates

Hi Dana,
The UA0 vids come from QO59 (Magadan) and from here are on a heading of324.This path does cross over the lower part of KL7 whereas the path to VR2is313 and to JA is 308.
The distances involved are as follows:

UA0 = 4240 miles (6823 kM)
JE1BMJ = 5518 (8880 kM)
JR6EXN = 6044 (9726 kM)
VR2XMQ = 7225 (11627 kM)
My lat/long is 36-07-12.99 N by 115-17-45.54W or DM26ic.
I've attached some maps showing the various paths. What I have not done yet but will endeavor to do on future days is to grab an F2 layer screenshot of the path when signals are audible. I'm also going to buy Proplab Pro 3 shortly which allows real time ray tracing. The path as you very well know can not be multi-hop Es. Very interesting propagation mode at work here for sure.
Barry VE3CDX/W7

From: Steven Beesley
Sent: Wednesday, May 21, 2008 6:20 PM
To: Barry
Cc: ve3dss; ve3ikv; Han Higasa; jr6exn; POCOCK, Emil

Subject: FW: Coordinates
Hi Barry et al,

With regard to the brief opening on 6M on Monday 19th, May 2008 that wehad around 07:00Z, having read Han san's article on SSSP and alsoBarry's information and graphical interpretations on the paths betweenthe four stations concerned (attached), I would tend to concur with Barry that the mode of propagation could not have been multi-hop Es as it could not have supported such vast distances.
With the condx. on the band at the time and the videos syn. signals heard, together with quick rapid QSB on signals, it would seem to suggest that there was some kind of weak unstable type of F2 propagation at work.

If this were true then this dispels the myth that long distances by F2 only occur in sun spot peak years. The F2 is there, it is just relatively weak, unstable and very unpredictable and much more experimentation needs to be done during sun spot cycle minima years.
Barry with your kind permission I wish to cut and paste this conversation together with your graphics and place it onto my blog as I feel it may be of great interest to the VHF Dxing community at large. I hope we can crack this soon and have a solid opening!

73 Steve, VR2XMQ (OL72CM)


From: Barry Garratt
Sent: 22 May 2008 11:30
To: Steven Beesley
Cc: ve3dss; ve3ikv; Han Higasa; jr6exn; 'POCOCK, Emil

Subject: RE: Coordinates

Hello all,

Firstly Steve by all means you may use whatever material or observations you wish. As I mentioned earlier I will endeavor to get screen shots of the F layer paths when I can hear you or Han-san or Hide-san. I did look back and one interesting thing came to light. From the Digisonde data at Gakona, AK the F2 layer on the nights I've heard signals was in the range 240-245 kM.
On the other nights it was outside this range and no signals were heard. I have also noted that the vids from UA0 must be loud before I hear VR2. If the UA0 vids are only 55 or 56 I do not hear signals from VR2 but have detected JA.
The nights/days I have observed signals from VR2 the UA0 vids were 58 and 59 - very strong. This can partly be explained I think because of the more northern offset of the path to UA0. That is to say the stronger this path is the better chance of a similar albeit weaker path existing for JA and VR2.

Also of interest is the fact I believe the A, K indices were low and SFI was over 71 on the 19th. The first indication there was path to JA occurred on Thursday May 15th when I heard JE7YNQ/B at 0552Z . At the same time the UA0 vids were 55 and JE7YNQ/B was 339. The graphs depicting the paths were not done during the openings. They were done during the day today so please pay no attention to the terminator.
That program by the way is DXATLAS. I think this path will get better and better and with more analysis wemay find this is not the optimum time for it either. We have been centering our observations in this time frame only because signals were first observed during this period. Something which may be of interest it to leave a station on an odd ball frequency setup to receive WSJT in JT6M mode.
Then during certain times of the day I will transmit for say 30 minutes from here. The JT6M mode is very good for weak signal work and has slightly better capabilities than say JT65A. It may be interesting to run that mode as well at some point.

I think with careful selection of the days when the A, K and SFI look promising this may be an interesting experiment.
73,Barry VE3CDX/W7
From: Steven Beesley
Sent: 22 May 2008 12:05
To: 'Barry Garratt'
Cc: ve3dss; ve3ikv ; Han Higasa; jr6exn; 'POCOCK, Emil
Subject: RE: Coordinates
Hello Barry et al,
I fully concur with your observations concerning indices, I live by AKand SFI figures and I have the N0HR prop stats on my tool bar displayed at all times when I am in the shack. On Monday 19th May, 2008 the A was2, K was 2 and SFI was mostly 72 but the next day we had an A of 9, K of3 and SFI was 69 = NO OPENING. Again the A was well over 9 yesterday, Kwas 2-3 and SFI was 69, again NO OPENING. Suggest that all of you download and put prop stats from N0HR on your tool bar if you have notalready, once you have it there you can monitor AK and SFI real time,the link:

For your information the A now is 15, K is 3 and SFI is 69, my hunch is that it won't happen today. My own observations concerning the UA0 video, I mentioned that I began to receive these already quite strong at strength 5-6 staring at 00:00 UTC, lasting throughout the day and well into 15:00 UTC, the peak was around 07:00 UTC when they reached 59 at one point.

I will see if I can run a spectrum scan of the band in such condx., but want a QSO first before I do something like that because it means I cannot TX whilst doing the scan. The scan would also give us a real time plot of 50MHz under such conditions.
Therefore people, the key indicators are the strength of the UA0 vid.sigs and the AK & SFI indices. I mentioned already on Tuesday that I did not like 69 for SFI and AK were high. So we need something higher then 71for SFI and low AK indices. These are our tools and we shall be better equipped and armed now.
You will also recall when I checked into thec hat room on Tuesday that I did not like what I was hearing on the radio, it was too quiet.
These conditions are different from the run of the mill F2 propagation that I have experienced with EU in SFI maxima years for past 2 cycles.We will usually experience strong video sigs. prior to a major opening but not during the opening and experience DX working country by country watching the F2 shift (usually starting in the Med working N and then shifting to W and back down to S again). There may also be a similar shifting pattern here that we may not have completely caught onto yet but should study further.
Our problem here is that with the exception of JA, there is little activity on 6M in the region generally and unlike EU where there is allot more activity, they will have much more statistics and data to fall back on and analyze.
Concerning digital modes, I may have to look into that as I am not setup for such operation at present. Even so we still have a lot already to look at.

73 Steve, VR2XMQ



CDX/W7 - VR2 Path


CDX/w7 - JR6 Path


CDX/W7 - JE1 Path


CDX/W7 - UA0 Video Path

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Updated 50MHz Beacon List by G3USF on 16th May, 2008

G3USF's Worldwide List Of 50MHz BeaconsUpdated 16 May 2008
Freq Call Town Loc Pwr Antenna QTF Mode Status Last Rept
40MHz Beacons
40021 OZ7IGY Jystrup JO55WM 22 H Dipole 255/75 F1 24 0807
40050 GB3RAL Nr Didcot TEST


50MHz Beacons

50000 GB3BUX Nr Buxton IO93BF 25 HTurnstilesOmni A1 24 0508
50000 9A1CAL Cavovec JN86EL 2 7-el@15m Vary A1 24 0707
50000 IQ1SP Monte Verrugoli JN44VC 0108
50000.9 BV2NT PL05 10 GP Omni 24 0408
50001.0 VE1SMU Nr Halifax NS FN84 25 3-el Yagi East A1 24 0508
50001.3 IW3FZQ Monselice PD JN55VF 8 5/8 GP Omni A1 24 0508
50002 VO2FUN Labrador FO62 3 H.Dip@6m N-S A1 24 0508
50002.5 7Q7SIX KF75 5 OP? 0305
50003 IQ6VP Nr Botte JN62QI 24 1007
50003 PY2WFG GG66 5 A1 0508
50003.5 IV3ZDL Pordenone JN65IW 5 5/8 Vert Omni A1 PT 0707
50004.0 I0JX Rome JN61HV 10 5/8 Vert Omni F1 24 0508
50004.5 AH2G Mt Barrigada GuamQK23 50 Horiz Loop Omni A1 24 0408
50005 KP4SQ Fajardo PR FK78 10 5-el@25m NA/EUA1 10-22UT 0807
50005 ZS2SIX Port Elizabeth KF25 25 Dipole F1 OP? 0106
50005 9M4SIX Penang Island OJ05DJ 50 5/8 GP Omni A1 24 0208
50006 PY0FF Fernando Noranha HI36 30 Ringo Omni A1 24 0108
50006 A71EM Doha LL55RJ 70 6-el 330 A1 24? 0607
50006.5 IZ4EFV Rimini JN64GB 10 5-el N A1 24 0607 0207
50007 VA2ZFN Mt Kanasuta QC FN08HE 4 Halo Omni A1 24 0508
50007 HG1BVB Horman JN87FI 20 X-Dip Omni 24 0508
50007 ZD7VC St Helena IH74 45 M2 Loop@40' A1 24 0108
50007.8 DU1EV Metro-Manila PK04MP 10 1/2 GP Omni A1 24 0108
50008 XE2HWB La Paz Baja Cal. DL44 10 Vertical Omni A1 24 0607
50008.0 K0GUV Park Rapids MN EN26 8 A1 PT 0108
50008 EA3RCC Nr Sentmenat JN11BO ? 0208
50008 I5MXX Pieve A Nievole JN53JU 10 5/8 Vert Omni A1 24 0508
50008 LU1DMA Buenos Aires GF05PH 1 5el Yagi not24 0406
50009 LU7FTF Castelar SF 0408
50009 VE3WCC Nr Ottawa FN15WC 1 KU4AB HorizOmni A1 24 0508
50009.5 PY2SFY Pindamonhangaba GG77GA 4 5/8 GP Omni A1 24 0307
50010.8 SV9SIX Iraklio KM25NH 30 Vert. Dip. Omni F1 24 0308
50010 JA2IGY Mie PM84JK 10 5/8 GP Omni A1 24 0508
50010 BX4AQ 0408
50010 PY1SIX GG87 10 OP? 1106
50010 LU5FB 0108
50011 TG9SO EK44 45 J-Pole Omni A1 24 0407
50012 OX3SIX Kulesuk HP15EO 100 Dip@1500m E-W F1 OP? 0607
50012 J5SIX Bissau 0208
50012 PJ2BVU A1 IRREG 0508
50013 CU3URA Terceira I. HM68 5 GP Omni A1 24 0907
50013 LZ1JH Stara Zagora KN22TK 1 GP A1 24 0508
50014 V73SIX Roi Namur I. RJ39RJ 45 Pan Loop A1 24 0408
50015 9Y4AT Trinidad FK90ER 25 halo Omni A1 24 0508
50015 SV5SIX Rhodes 0.3 5/8 vert. Omni 24 0508
50016 GB3BAA Nr Tring IO91PS 10 Vert Dip Omni A1 24 0508
50017 OH0SIX Stalsby JP90XI 3 Horiz Dip N-S A1 24 1007
50017 JA6YBR Miyazaki PM51RT 50 Turnstile Omni A1 24 0108
50018 VE4ARM Austin MB EN09MW 50 3-el Yagi NE A1 24 0508
50018 PR8ZIX Imperatriz MA GI64GL 45 halo Omni A1 24 0508 0706
50018.1 EA1BBE Nr Barbadas IN62BH A1 0707
50019 IZ1EPM 50k SE Turin JN34WR 15 5/8 Vert Omni A1 24 0508
50019 CX1CCC ? 1207
50020 IW8RSB Simeri ChrichiCZ JM88HW 10 Rot.Dip VariesA1 24 0508
50020 EA2SIX Nr Lanaja IN91SR ? 0508
50020 VE8WD Yellowknife NT DP22 20 Ringo Omni A1 24 0508
50020 PU2TIB TEST 1007
50020.5 ER1SIX Nr Kishinev KN47IB 10 Delta@5m A1 0508
50020.7 IK5ZUL Follonica GR JN52JW 24 0508
50021 9Q1D Kinshasa JI75PQ 10 Vertical Omni A1 24 0907
50021 ER3SIX KN47JG 10 GP 24 0807
50021.4 CN8IG Tetouan IM75HN 10 Omni 24 0108
50021.3 OZ7IGY Toelloese JO55WM 30 Big Wheel F1a 24 0508
50022 S55ZRS Nr Dobovec JN76MC 8 1/4 GP Omni A1 24 0408
50022 HG8BVB Gerla KN06OQ 5 GP Omni 24 0508
50022.5 IW8ZLB Potenza JN70VP 0807
50023 UN1SIX MN72HW? MN83KE? 0707
50023 LX0SIX Bourscheid JN39AV 5 Big wheel 24 0508
50023 SR5FHX Skubianka KO02LL 3 3-el Yagi 240 F1A 24 0508
50023.8 VE9BEA Frederickton NB FN65 IRREG 0907
50023 XE1KK Mt Popocatepetl EK09QC 20 Ringo Omni A1 24 0507
50023.0 JA1ZYK Chiba QM05 10 Hentenna 24 0408
50023.5 ZP5AA Asuncion GG14 Vertical Omni A1 24 0308
50024.9 VE4SPT Gillam MB EO26PI 100 3-el 000 A1 24 1207
50025 6Y5RC Kingston FK18 0.1 A1 24 0408
50025 9H1SIX Attard, Malta JM75FV 7 5/8 GP Omni F1 24 0508
50025 YV4AB Valencia FK60AD 15 AR6@1210m Omni A1 24 0508
50025 IS0AFM JM49NF 0408
50025.4 OH2SIX QSYKP20 40 4 T'stiles Omni A1 24 TNonOp
50026 SR9FHA Krakow ChoragwicaKN09AS 5 5/8 GP Omni F1A 24 0108
50026 XE1ZVO DL90 0507
50026.2 IQ4FA Ferrara JN54TU 5 Ringo Omni A1 24 0408
50027 CN8MC Nr Rabat IM63NX 6 J-Pole Omni F1 24 0508
50027 JE7YNQ Fukushima QM07 50 2 T'stiles Omni A1 24 0508
50028 5T5DUB Nouakshott IK28AC 15 GP Omni A1 24 0807
50028 XE2ED Colonia Guerrero DM10 15 1/2 Vert. Omni A1 24 0507
50028 SR3FHB Chelmce JO91CQ 5 1/4 GP Omni F1A 24 0408
50029 SR8SIX 0907
50030 CE3AA Conception FF46QN 40 halo@12m Omni A1 24 0508
50030 IS0GRB Cagliari JM49OF 1 Horiz.Dip N-S A1 24 0508
50030 9A0BHH Moslavacka gora JN85JO 2 X-Yagi Omni A1 24 0408
50030 VY1DX Whitehorse YU CP20 20 Halo@20' Omni A1 24 0508
50031 HG7BVA Gyomro JN97QK 5 Vert Dip Omni 24 0508
50031.0 ZD8VHF Ascension I. II22TB 50 Dipole 24 0308
50031.5 CT0SIX Tavarade IN50NE F1 24 0508
50032 JR0YEE Niigata PM97 2 Loop A1 24 1207
50032 IS0LNF Nr Tungoni JN40LW 24 0907
50033 VE7FG Prince George BC CO83 50 R.Ranger Omni A1 24 0408
50033 OH5RAC Kuusankoski KP30HV 20 2-el 2dBd 200 F1 24 0508
50034 YU1EO Beograd KN04ML 1 GP Omni A1 24 0508
50034 D4C HK76MV 0508
50035 HC8GR Galapagos Is. EI59 30 Halo A1 OP? 1105
50035 CQ3SIX Madeira I. IM12IP 10 Halo Omni F1 24 0308
50035 OY6BEC Faroe Is. IP62MB F1 24 0508
50036 IE9N Ustica JM68OR 0408
50036 VE4VHF Headingly MB EN19 35 Vertical Omni A1 24 0508
50036 OA4B Lima FH17 13 Vertical Omni A1 24 0308
50036.6 7J6CCU Okinawa OP 0707
50036.6 CT1ART Sierra do CavalhoIM67AH 30 6-el Yagi 270 A1 24 0508
50037 JR6YAG PL36 0208
50037.5 ES0SIX Hiiuma Island KO18CW 15 Horiz Dip. E/W A1 24 0508
50038 C21SIX Menen RI39LL 25 Dipole E-W F1 24 NonOp
50038 LU5EGY Buenos Aires GF05 15 GP Omni A1 24 0308
50039 VO1ZA St Johns NFD GN37 10 1/4 Vert Omni F1 24 1207
50039 FY7THF Kouru GJ35 10 Vertical Omni 24 0508
50040 C6AFP Abaco FL16 30 Loop Omni A1 24 0408
50040 VE2YKT Rapide-Blanc QC FN37LS 0.5 5-el Yagi A1 24 0806
50040 ZL3SIX Christchurch RE66 65 H A1 24 0108
50040 SV1SIX Nr Athens KM17UX 25 Vert Dip Omni F1 24 0508
50041 VE6EMU Camrose AB DO33 35 4-el Yagi NNE A1 24 0408
50041 ON0SIX Waterloo JO20EP 5 Hor. X-DipsOmni A1 24 0801
50041 EA3VHF NE Barcelona JN11MV 0807
50042 YF1OO OI33 0208
50042 EA6DX 10 1007
50042.5 GB3MCB St Austell IO70OJ 40 Dipole E/W F1 24 0508
50043 VE6ARC Grand Prairie AB DO05 25 Omni A1 24 0208
50044 ZS6TWB Pietersburg KG46RC 8 5/8 Vert. Omni A1 24 0507
50045 OX3VHF Qaqortoq GP60QQ 20 GP 20m asl Omni F1 24 0807
50045 SR2FHM Gdansk JO94II 7 Dipole Omni A1A 24 0508
50045 LZ2CM Montana KN13NE 0.5 GP1550masl Omni A1 24 0508
50045.6 JW5SIX Hopen Island KQ26MM 10 Dipole A1 24 0308
50046.5 VK8RAS Alice Springs PG66 15 X-Dipoles Omni 24 0408
50047 JW7SIX Kappe Linne JQ68TB 10 3-el Yagi SouthA1 24 0508
50047.2 4N1ZNI SSE Beograd KN03WH 1 GP Omni F1 24 0508
50048.2 VE8BY Iqaluit NU FP53RR 35 Comp 201-70Omni F1 24 0508
50048.5 TR0A Libreville JJ40 15 5-el NorthF1 24 0607
50048.7 JW9SIX Bear Island JQ94LM 15 GP Omni A1 24 0508
50049.4 LZ2CC Slatina Okr KN22GS 5 GP Omni 24 0308
50049.6 LZ1SJ KN32DR 2 GP Omni 24 0508
50048 XE3ARV Quintana Roo EK59 0707
50050 GB3RAL Nr Didcot 24 0508
50050 PU3SIX Porto Alegre RS GF49JW 10 Hor.Dip N-S A1 24 0907
50050 LU7MB 1007
50050 VE2KSV 0508
50051 LA7SIX Bardu JP99EC 30 4-el Yagi 190o A1 24 0208
50051 AL7QY Nome AK AP74GM 45 Halo Omni A1 24 0606
50052 W3PIE Uniontown PA FM09CU 0308
50052 SK2CP Kiruna/Esrange KP07MH 10 5-el Yagi NW A1 QRT?
50052 LZ2TX KN32TN 0807
50052 EI0SIX Hill of Allen IO63NF 25 Vertical Omni A1 24 0508
50053 XE3RCM EL50 A1 24 1207
50054 OZ6VHF Ribe JO57EI 25 X-Dipole Omni A1 24 TNonOp
50054.4 VE2YAT St Honore QC FO40 A1 24 0308
50055 EA3SIX Barcelona JN01VO 50 5/8 Vert Omni A1 24 0508
50055 V44KAI St Kitts/Nevis FK87QH 2 5/8 Vert Omni A1 24 0508
50056 VA7SIX Coquitlam BC CN89 10 Ringo Omni A1 24 0807
50056 I8EMG Cozzo Cervello JM89BJ TNonop 0408
50057 IT9X Messina JM78RE 10 HorizLoop Omni A1 24 0507
50057 VK7RAE Don Hill QE38 150 X-Dipoles Omni A1 24 0408
50057 TF3SIX Reykjavik HP94BC 12 GP Omni A1 24 1207
50057.5 VK4RGG Nerang QG61 6 Turnstile Omni A1 24 0408
50058 K7HJ Las Vegas NV DM26 5 Isotron Omni A1 24 1207
50058 HB9SIX Nr St Gall JN47QF 6 J-Pole Omni A1 24 0508
50058 IQ4AD Parma JN54DT 8 GP Omni A1 24 0508
50058 IT9XFB JM78 0607
50058 OE3XLB JN87AT 10 5-el Yagi 24 TNonOp
50059 LU4SS 1207
50059.5 VE3UBL Ajax ON FN03 10 Turnstile Omni A1 24 0508
50059.5 K4TQR Birmingham AL EM63OM 4 Dipole NW/SE A1 24 0508
50059.7 W4CBX Bristol TN EM86 A1 24 1007
50060 SK6QW JO68WR 2 5-el Yagi S A1 24 1207
50060 HG5BVC Budapest JN97PL 1 Vertical Omni 0508
50060.0 KD4NMI Knightdale NC FM05RT 100 Vert.Dip. Omni A1 24 0308
50060.0 GB3RMK Nr Inverness IO77UO 40 Dipole N/S F1 OP 0108
50060 EA4Q Cuenca IN80WC 0508
50060.8 XE2OR Nava Coahuila DL98OK 35 3-el Yagi VariesA1 PT 0507
50060.0 WB5LLI Kenner LA EM40 20 GP@20f Omni A1 24 0108
50060.0 WB0RMO Fairbury NE EN10 25 Squalo A1 24 0508
50060 K5AB Goldthwaite TX EM10 50 Horiz Loop Omni A1 24 0208
50061 K9MU Chippewa FallsWI EN44 25 Loop@40' Omni A1 24 0408
50061 W3HH Nr Ocala FL EL89 3 1/4 Vert Omni A1 24 0508
50061 KD4AOZ Watkinsville GA EM83 A1 24 0208 0507
50061 N3CJM Dover DE A1 0308
50061.5 FM5AA 0508
50061.7 KH6HME Pahoa HI BK29 70 7-el Yagi USA A1 24 0707
Summer: Stack halos Omni
50062 K4MHZ Hatteras NC FM25 30 Horiz Omni A1 24 0508
50062 W7KNT Strevensville MT DN36HO A1 24 0508 0606
50062 K8JA Sterling Hts MI EN82JP 2 Omni A1 24 0408
50062 KB6BKN Novato CA CM88 A1 24? 0707
50062.5 I0ICR Sant' Angelo JN62BH 0508
50063 W9JN Stevens Point WI EN54DN 1,10 Halo Omni A1 24 0607
50063 W4WTA Augusta GA EM83 5 Ringo Omni A1 24 1207
50063 LY0SIX Vilnius KO24PS 7 Slope. Dip.320 A1 24 0508
50063 KU7V Brigham City UT DN31XM 5 A1 24 0707
50063.3 NL7Z Wasilla AK BP51 25 1/2 Hor.Dip E-W A1 24 0508
50064.0 W3VD Laurel MD FM19NE 7 Sqalo A1 24 0308
50064 N4PZ EN50 A1 0508
50064 GB3LER Lerwick IP90JD 30 Horiz.Dip. N/S F1 24 0607
50064 K1MS Westford MA FN42GM 15 3-el 050 A1 24 0508
50067 N7DB Boring OR CN85TJ 3 halo Omni A1 24 0508
50064.2 KH6HI Ewa HI BL01 50 Turnstile Omni A1 24 0607
50065 W5SXD Sugarland TX EL29EP A1 VIRREG 0507
50065 KL7/KG0VL Circle AK BP75XW 100 Horiz Loop Omni A1 24 0807
50065 GB3IOJ Jersey IN89WE 10 Vee E/W F1 24 0508
50065 LU2MCA Mendoza FF57AC A1 0807
50065.0 W0IJR Aurora CO DM79OR 20 2-ring halo A1 24 1107++
50065.0 KA0CDN Aurora CO DM79OR 20 2-ring halo A1 24 0208++
50065 K8EB Marne MI EN73CB 10 AEAloop@35' A1 24 0508
50065.5 W0MTK Fruita CO DM59 4 4 Vees Omni A1 24 0508
50066 LU4HH Cordoba FF78OP 1 3db Vert Omni A1 24 1207
50066 W5GPM Bartlesville OK EM26CN A1 0508
50066.0 VK6RPH Walliston WA OF88 10 U Dipole Omni A1 24 0408
50066.0 WA1OJB Bowdoin ME FN54AA 30 V.Dip@85' Omni A1 24 0907
50066 VA2TKH BaiedeShawinigan FN36OM A1 0707
50066.2 W5SIX Horse Mountain DM54WA 1 5-el Yagi 060 A1 24 0607
50066.3 EA4CRP Badajoz IM68MU 5 ? 0607
50066.7 KQ4E Morristown TN EM86 10 halo Omni A1 24 0707
50066.9 K4HRS Merritt I. FL EL98QA A1 24 0508
50067 WZ8D Loveland OH EM89BI 100 Loop@75' A1 24 0508
50067 OH9SIX Pirttikoski KP36OI 35 2 T'stiles Omni A1 24 0508
50067.5 N3LL Bridgeville PA EN90 5 Loop@25' Omni A1 24 0607 1004
50067.5 N8PUM Ishpeming MI EN66DL 1 PAR Loop Omni A1 24 0108
50067.7 K0EC Vail Mtn CO DM69 45 1/2V+1/2H E-W A1 24 1207
50068 LZ0SIX 0508
50068 W4ELM Margate FL EL96VF 0807
50068 N6NB Tustin CA DM05SB A1 0508
50068.1 W7RV Nr Ash Fork AZ DM43 5 H Loops A1 TNonOp*
50068.5 K2ZD West Orange NJ FN20US 20 5/8 Omni A1 24 0208
50068.5 WA3VXJ Carnegue PA A1 0508
50068.9 K6FV Woodside CA CM87UL 100 varies NE A1 24***0807
50069 XE3ARV EK59 0707
50069 W9VW Indianapolis IN EM69WT 8 T'stile@70'Omni A1 24* 0108
50069 W8GTX StClairShores MI EN82 3 1/4 Vert Omni A1 PT+ 0508
50069 N1NTE Holland MA FN42 5 H.Dip@20' A1 24 UC
50069 KB3NFG Folsom PA FM29IV 65 G5RVjr A1 PT 0707
50069.5 N0UD Nr Halliday ND DN87 50 3-el@6m N A1 24 1207
50069.8 SK3SIX JO68 ? 0408
50070.0 K4IDC Crossville TN EM76MA 0.35Loop Omni A1 24 0508
50070.0 AI8H Oxford GA EM83 25 J-Pole Omni A1 IRREG 0807
50070 W2RTB Nr Victor NY FN12 3 Eggbeater A1 24 0607
50070 LU2MCA FF57 F3 0108
50070 WA7X Fairview UT DM49HO 100 J-Pole Omni A1 24 0508
50070 W4CLM Stanley NC EM94 30 Vertical Omni A1 24 0108
50070 K9AAO Affton MO EM48TM 10 A1 TEST 0507
50071 LU1WDY Trelew Chubut FE76IS 5 1/4 GP@10m Omni A1 24 1206
50071 W5HN Allen TX EM13SJ 0.5 A1 24 0508
50071 W7WKR Stehekin WA CN98PI 25 7-el Yagi E/day A1 Varies 0707
JA/KL7 eve
50071 W3DOG Ocean City MD FM28EI 45 Stack HalosOmni A1 24 0508
50071 KD4WDG Wesley Chapel FL EL88 10 VQuad@60ft Omni A1 24 0408
50071 W9AFB Champaign IL EN50 8 Dipole A1 24 0607
50072 W9DR Punta Gorda FL EL86XV A1 24 0508
50073 WA6LIE Salinas CA CM96EQ 5/40 4el@8m 020 A1 24+ 0507
50073 K0KP Duluth MN EN36WT 100 Delta Loop Omni A1 24 0508
50073 PP2SIX Anapolis GH53MP 7 Vretical Omni A1 24 0907
50073.6 P43JB Oranjestad Aruba FK42 A1 24 0508
50074 K8PLF Maumee OH EN81 A1 24 0208
50074 VE3SRW 0208
50074 PY2XW Nr Campinas SP GG67LF 3 Dip Inv V A1 24 1207
50074 W5RP San Angelo TX DM91 A1 24 0508
50074 N7LT Bozeman MT DN45 3 1/4 GP Omni A1 24 0308
50074.8 EH1DVY Soria IN81 10 Vertical Omni A1 24 0907
50075 VR2SIX Hong Kong OL72 24 0508
50075 KA7BGR Central Point OR CN82 40 2x2el SW/NE A1 24 0508
50075 YO3JW KN34BJ 10 vertical Omni 24 0508
50075.0 KL7GLK/3Bay Ridge MD FM18SW 4 Turnstile Omni A1 24 0807
50075 K2SIT Buffalo NY FN02OU A1 0707
50075 VE7DAY Campbell RiverBC CO70IA 0607
50075 NL7XM Easton PA FN20IP 3 Dipole N-S A1 24 0108
50075 NP4AM FK68 0108
50075.3 LW2ETU Avellaneda BA GF05TI 1 GP Omni A1 24 1207
50076 WR9L Bourbonnais IL EN61BD 10 Turnstile Omni A1 24 0108
50076 VE7JZ CO70 50 ? 1007
50076.1 CS1RLA Aldeia de Chaos IM57PX 2.5 Horiz Dip Omni A1 24 0508
50077 K4AHO Zellwood FL EL98FR 7.5 Vert@30' Omni A1 OP? 0607
50077 W7NNN Gig Harbor WA CN87QI 5 4-el Quad SE A1 Varies 0707
50077.6 N0LL Smith Center KS EM09OW 14 2 halos Omni A1 24 0508
50078 NM7D Saint George UT DM37 15 Horiz Loop Omni A1 24 0508
50078.0 OD5SIX KM74 8 1/4 vert. Omni 24 0508
50078.1 WD8OST Goetville MI EN76 10 6el@45' A1 24 0407
50078.7 N8QLA Washington CT OH EM89QM A1 ? 0707
50079 JX7SIX Jan Mayen IQ50RX 10 Vertical Omni A1 24 0707
50079 NN6AA DM65 1 Loop A1 ? 0807
50079 W4CHA Tampa FL EL88 A1 24 0408
50079.0 W3CCX Philadelphia PA FM29JW 4 halo@500' Omni A1 24 0208
50079 S9SIX 0208
50079.45W8IF Nr Selma OH EM89CR 100 H-Loop@25' A1 24 0408
50080 K0UO Kiowa KS EM07 10 Omni A1 24 0508
50080 AC7XP ParadiseValleyAZ DM43CO A1 0508
50080 ZS1SIX Cape Town JN96FB 8-10 Inv. Vee F1 24 0106
50080 FK8SIX Noumea RG37FR 15 GP Omni F1 24 0408
50080.0 UU5SIX Mtns Nr Yalta KN74AL 10 dipole 24 0508
50080.0 4X4SIX Jerusalem KM71NU 5 Dip@500m NW/SW A1 24 0607
50081 TI2NA Irazu Volcano 50 Vertical Omni A1 24 0508
50082.5 LU8DCH San Luis FF66UQ 1.5 5/8 Omni A1 ? 1207
50083} DF0ANN Moritzberg Hill JN59PL 2 Hor Loop Omni A1 24 0408
50083} DB0HGW Greifswald JO64QC 2 Mag Loop Omni A1 24 0907
50083} DB0DUB Kaarst JO31HF 2 Horiz Omni A1 24 1007
50084.0 UT5G Petri UKR KN66LS 10 GP Omni A1 24 0607
50086 LU7YS S.Martin de los FF49IU 5 1/4 @8m Omni A1 24 0308
50087 VK4RTL Townsville QH30JQ 10 Vee Omni F1 IRREG 0408
50087.8 US0SU KN28JW 0108
50090 PY2MTV GG66VA TEMP? 1207
50090 SV2JAO Makrochori KN10DN ? 0308
50095 A35RK Lifuka I. Tonga AH20TE 10 3-el VK/ZL A1 IRREG 1107
50095 IW9HPE ? 0508
50288 VK2RHV Mt Sugarloaf NSW QF57SC 10 Turnstile Omni F1 24 0408
50289 VK2RSY Nr Sydney NSW QF56MH 25 Turnstile Omni A1 24 0408
50293 VK3RMV 5k N Hamilton QF02WH 15 9-el VK6 A1 01-1300Non-Op
50297 VK7RST Mt Nelson Hobart QE37PB 15 Dipole E-W F1 24 0208
50304 VK6RSX Dampier WA OG89 50 Hor. dip. Omni A1 24 0508
50306 VK6RBU Bunbury WA OF76WR 20 3-elYagi W-E A1 24 0508
50306.8 F8KOT Nr Montlucon JN16II 1007
50310 VK8VF Darwin NT PH57 100 DeltaLoop Omni A1 0108
50315 VK5RBV Barossa Valley PF95MK 12 Hor. halo Omni A1 24 0508
50315 VK3RSX Dunolly VIC QF13 10 Horiz Omni A1 0707
50315.0 FX4SIX Neuville JN06CQ 25 2xHor.Dip Omni A1 24 0508
50320 F8BHU Nevers JN17NA 4 Omni 0508
50321 ZS5SIX Hilton KG50 11 Halo Omni F1 24 1006
50386 F1GTU Perigueux JN05IF 5 5-el North A1 Wkend 0707
50395 EA5SIX IM98VX 3 3-el 1207
50480 JH8ZND Chitose QN02UW 10 5/8 GP Omni A1 24 0108
50490 JG1ZGW Tokyo PM95VP 10 7el Yagi South A1 24 0508
50499.5 5B4CY Zygi KM64PT 20 1/4 GP Omni F1 24 0807
50520.3 SZ2DF Heraclion Crete KM25 1kw 4x16 el el.30 EXP/SUMMER
(usually)or Hania ~ qtf 330 after 1500 TNonOp
52275 ZL2MHF Nr Wellington RE78NS 10 V 1/2 Dip Omni F1 24 0108
52345 VK4ABP Longreach QG26 10 1/4 Vert. Omni A1 24 0408
52438 VK3FGN Mildura QF15CT 3 J-Pole Omni A1 24 1207
52450 VK5VF Adelaide Mt LoftyPF95 8 Turnstile Omni A1 24 NonOp
52490 ZL2SIX Blenheim RE68 Omni F1 ? 0208
*** K6FV schedule 1515-0030approx at 055 degrees, 1030-1515approx at 275 degrees
* May break for QSOs
+ W8GTX operates 1030-2300UTC Oct-Ap, 1030-0200UTC Ap-Sep
++ W0IJR/b and KA0CDN/b same beacon operated alternate months by husband/wife ops
}= Frequency sharing beacons INT= Intermittent TEMP= Temporary PT= part-time EXP= experimental UC=
Under Construction V= Varies
Compiled by Martin Harrison G3USF for the Propagation Studies Committee
of the Radio Society of Great Britain. Corrections and updates to Copyright 1997-2008 but may be freely reproduced
if acknowledgement is made to G3USF.
Source file:

Monday, May 19, 2008

07:00Z on 19th May, 2008 - I was heard on 6M in W7.

Today 19th May, 2008 (Monday) was an eventful day as I was heard for the first time very briefly on 50.110 SSB in W7. Here is a copy of the chat room transcript which the W7 Stations and some JA Stations had. By the time I was notified by email to join the chat room, everyone had gone QRT. Even though a solid QSO was not established it was indeed good to know that my signals were finding their way Statside (A2, K1, Flux: 72). I am hopeful that a QSO will materialize soon.

07:49:28 JR6EXN Hide Hi Han san
07:43:52 JE1BMJ Han Hide san are you still on>
07:36:44 JE1BMJ Han 73 John
07:34:00 VE7DAY John 73. Han.
07:33:59 JE1BMJ Han yes, much excited today
07:33:44 VE7DAY John Just no prop here Barry.
07:33:34 JE1BMJ Han GE all
07:33:04 VE3CDX/W7 Barry Johnny he who snoozes loses
07:32:39 VE3CDX/W7 Barry Han-san and Hide-san thank you very much for the tests - have a good afternoon/evening and cu tomorrow
07:32:16 KE7V Johnny Guys will think were crazy after tonight!
07:31:52 VE7DAY John Night guys.
07:31:37 VE3CDX/W7 Barry Time for bed also
07:31:35 VE7DAY John Maybe tomorrow Johnny.
07:31:16 VE3CDX/W7 Barry UA vids are totally gone now
07:30:44 KE7V Johnny OK guys 73's and GL es DX!!
07:29:26 VE3CDX/W7 Barry That was him then WOW!!!!
07:28:55 KE7V Johnny No Barry, I heard very weak cw is all.
07:28:55 VE7DAY John Han and Hide, thank you again.
07:28:03 JE1BMJ Han it is very spotty and once in sweat spot one can make Q easily
07:27:24 VE3CDX/W7 Barry did you hear Steve on ssb Johnny?
07:27:24 JE1BMJ Han we have an weak prop almost every day - and the prop is moving day-by-day
07:26:58 VE3CDX/W7 Barry it is exciting for me also LOL esp hearing ssb on 110 !!!
07:26:27 KE7V Johnny Thank you Han-san We will work.
07:26:01 JE1BMJ Han r tnx again for an exciting moment hi
07:26:00 VE7DAY John California 10 m beacons still in strong.
07:25:40 VE3CDX/W7 Barry I think so Han-san for me - perhaps Johnny still has propagation
07:24:57 VE3CDX/W7 Barry Thank you Han-san that will be most helpful :-)
07:24:47 JE1BMJ Han the peak timezone today has passed?
07:23:50 VE7DAY John I heard no vids, no beacons and no signals. Completely shut out. HI.
07:23:35 JE1BMJ Han I sent an email to Steve VR2XMQ to join this region 2 chat page
07:21:15 VE3CDX/W7 Barry I think I am passed the peak - UA vids are dropping now 54
07:20:36 VE7DAY John No signals here.
07:15:58 VE3CDX/W7 Barry No Steve VR2XMQ
07:15:22 VE7DAY John You mean ve7sl Barry?
07:14:55 JR6EXN Hide NIL .110 yet.
07:14:39 KE7V Johnny yes, but weak!
07:14:38 VE3CDX/W7 Barry no call yet but maybe it's Steve?
07:13:34 VE3CDX/W7 Barry now cw on 110
07:12:11 VE3CDX/W7 Barry definite ssb - qsb is very fast
07:11:42 KE7V Johnny no
07:11:28 VE3CDX/W7 Barry can you hear the ssb Johnny?
07:10:42 VE3CDX/W7 Barry just a voice on ssb - can't understand it
07:09:49 VE3CDX/W7 Barry if he is calling cq on 110 I'm for sure not going to be heard
07:09:25 KE7V Johnny vr2 on ssb Barry!!
07:08:45 KE7V Johnny he must go to CW, SSB not possible
07:08:32 VE3CDX/W7 Barry ssb on 110 so I will move to 095 if that is good freq?
07:08:25 JE1BMJ Han rr
07:08:17 VE7DAY John Han, thank you.
07:08:08 VE7DAY John Hide, thank you for long cq.
07:08:04 KE7V Johnny No Han-san, not so far.
Han Higasa, JE1BMJ wrote to me today by eamil about his thoughts on the marginal opening that we experienced -
"I have had a great attention on the SSSP, which is a propagation toward Ws and EUs on around the summer solstice. The SSSP will occur on every years, end of May to end of July, so it is a little earlier than usual, but it is pleasure to know such an early openings. The detail of the SSSP is on theweb:

Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Ultra Beam.

I stumbled upon a new antenna system which appears to be streets ahead from competition, take a look at UltraBeam. Electronically controlled HF antennas. General coverage. Top features on all ham bands. Very advanced materials and state of the art technology. View the video above.

Photo below is for their UltraBeam - 4 element 10-20m 3 element 30-40m. It's worth further investigation, visit:

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Experimental Folded Dipole Halo for 6M

After reading an article by Clinton W. Gnatt - W4CWG, I decided that I would replicate his 6M Halo design, but I would also experiment with a variant. A folded dipole halo, it may turn out to be a complete flop and unable to resonate properly, however if all else fails the handy VHF tuner for 6M will come into use and it will still be used as an experimental fun antenna and can still be used for reception purposes. Below are some photos of the experimental dipole halo. The folded dipole dimensions being roughly the same as a normal one for 6.

If you are interested in the original article on the 6M halo + 2M, visit:

If you are interested in a commercial finished Halo antenna, you may take a look at the following:-

1. Moonraker Antennas: Model HLP-6

2. KU4AB: Model SQ-50

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Sichuan Earthquake Aftermath - Emergency Communications Using Amateur Radio.

Radio Amateurs in China are asking that the frequency 14.270 MHz be kept clear as an emergency frequency in the wake of the devastating earthquake there. Please remember that even if you cannot hear a station on the frequency, you might interfere with reception of transmissions by a station within range of both your signals and theirs.

Michael Chen, BD5RV, reports that "a group of radio amateurs is now transmitting from Wenchuan, the center of quake. Its signal is reported to be very weak. They tried to keep communication with BY8AA in Chengdu, seeking for all resources needed.

They are asking for raincoats, water, tents, and outdoor living facilities." Michael also asked that this request be forwarded as widely as possible.

According to Chinese Radio Sports Association, 7.050 and 7.060 MHz are preserved for amatuer radio emergency service in the rescue

Kindly pass on this information to fellow radio amateurs so that the said frequencies are kept free from traffic.

This map shows the location of the epicenter of the May 12 earthquake that rocked Sichuan, China. [Photo courtesy of USGS]

On Monday, May 12 at 0628 UTC, a magnitude 7.8 earthquake hit Sichuan, China. According to the Chinese Radio Sports Association, the Chinese IARU Member-Society, the following frequencies are reserved for emergency services involved in the rescue: 14.270, 7.050 and 7.060 MHz.

The CRSA Web site reports the following:
"On the afternoon of May 12, 2008, Wenchuan Area of China's Sichuan province was struck by an earthquake. Communications in some of the surrounding areas are currently cut off, and communications in some other areas are experiencing network congestion because of drastically increased traffic.

"Chinese Radio Sports Association therefore calls on its members to take actions to ensure their amateur radio stations to operate properly, and to the extent possible stand by on often used short-wave frequencies. If any radio signal is heard from the disaster area, please do your best to understand what is most needed by people in that area and report it to the local government authority. If people in the surrounding areas need to pass messages to their loved ones over the radio, please help them to get in touch and get the messages across as soon as possible.

"Amateur radio stations in the disaster area and surrounding areas if in working conditions should be used unconditionally to assist the local earthquake disaster relief authorities, and subject to permission by the said authorities, to provide communications services to them. For emergency communications purposes, amateur radio stations may also be used to pass messages for local residents on a temporary basis until local telecommunications services resume. Amateur radio stations of all regions should give way to and stand by for emergency communications."

Hams on the Ground
At 1757 UTC on Monday, May 12, Liu Hu, BG8AAS, of Chengdu, a town in the province of Sichuan, reported that a local UHF repeater survived the disaster. "It keeps functioning from the first minute and more than 200 local radio hams are now on that repeater. A group of hams from Chengdu has headed for Wenchuan, the center of the quake, trying to set up emergency communication services there," he said.

Michael Chen, BD5RV/4, said that Yue Shu, BA8AB, also from Chengdu, Sichuan, was reported to be active on the 40 meter emergency frequency on Monday. "Up to now, there has been no further information available from the center zone of the quake. There are a few radio amateurs there, but all of the communications have been cut out, including Amateur Radio," Chen said.

At 1858 UTC, Liu reported that the local UHF repeater in Chengdu "keeps busy running after the quake. It helps to direct social vehicles to transport the wounded from Dujiangyan, Beichuan and other regions. Another UHF repeater also started working in Mianyan, supported by generators, but they are going to face a shortage of gas." Chen said that damage in Chengdu remains in the lowest level, but the situation is "very very bad in the counties around. A few towns are said to be destroyed completely. More than 7000 died in the town of Beichuan. Casualties in several other towns are still unknown and not counted in the published numbers. It is a long and sad day."

Information provided by Michael Ye, BD4AAQ, and Michael Chen, BD5RV/4

The Hong Kong Amateur Radio Transmitting Society (HARTS) activated the ARES Emergency Communications System for communication and co-ordination of relief efforts together with the CRSA betweeen Beijing, Sichuan and Hong Kong.

A network of VR2 hams are standing by at 7.050 Mhz, 7.060 Mhz and 14.270 Mhz as required by CRSA and have been sucessful in relaying emergency flash traffic back and forth.

I have used the Ten Tec Paragon on 14.270MHz and the Yaesu FT-2000 on 7.050 & 7.060MHZ to monitor the flash traffic.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

About Filters.

Many hams often neglect the importance of filtering in their stations and run the risk of causing terrible TVI and RFI to their neighbors. I am a firm beleiver that proper and well designed filter such as low pass and band pass noty only remove the possibility of TVI and RFI but also go a great way in enhancing one's operating conditions. Indeed band pass filters will also improve specifically the receiving elements for the band the filter was designed for allowing only signals within the pass band to reach the receiver and cutting out unwanted signals above and below the permitted pass band. This not only works on receive, but pass band filters have the same functions on TX signals.

Below are a selection (part) of an extensive arsenal of different types of filters I use on the TX and RX side of my station. Most of these filters I feel are examples of the best available that money can buy.
Above is a very sharp Band Pass Filter made specifically for the 430 MHz band by Kuranishi of Japan. It has been with me for many years and will never leave the shack. The KBP-700 was in my opinion one of the best BPFs ever made for 70cm. The unsightly tarnished appearance is due to oxidaion of the silver plating. Yes the whole inside and outside are silver plated as are all other parts for very high "Q'" factor. Unfortunately I beleive that Kuranishi no longer make this great filter.

Below is the famed Shinwa 1001 Low Pass Filter for 50MHz made in the 1980s, Shinwa is no longer in existence.

The twins below are the ICE BPF and LPF for 50MHz. If you know about ICE and filters then I really do not need to make an introduction, they are some of the best filters currently available. The BPF is the model 412W for 50-54MHz, iCS is 250W with .5dB insertion loss, the LPF is the model 426 and is a 9th degree 50 ohm design, 80dB attenuation above 56MHz and handles 3 KW PEP - N Norm.
Futher below is one of my HF Band Pass Filters made by Dunestar and is the model 300-18, this is a very well made BPF and the machine filter enclosure shows the painstaking attention by the manufacturer made to make it a fine piece of work. Dunestar make some very fine HF BPFs.

Further below are two lesser know HF Band Pass Filters for 7MHz and 14MHz designed and built by BG1CHs, BG1CEP and BG1JA from China. Study the spectrum sweep curves also for the said filters.

Monday, May 12, 2008

430MHz Power: Daiwa LA-4130

The linear that I have on 430MHz is a Daiwa LA-4130 which is a beautiful piece of equipment with it's own built in power output meter. This is not one of your run of the mill Daiwa amps but the top of the line and is not one that will be seen often. 70 cm amplifier Daiwa LA-4130, 30 Watt in, 130 Watt output, below is a photo of this beautiful amplifier:

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Frequency Measurement.

Current equipment used at the station for frequency measurements include:

1. Philips PM-6668 Frequency Counter (10Hz to 1GHz)

2. GOOIT GY-560 (50MHz to 2.4GHz)

3. Tristar F-700 (1MHz to 50MHz)

Friday, May 9, 2008

Trio TR-9500 430MHz Transceiver and very rare Kenwood B0-9 System Base.

Above is by Trio branded TR-9500 430MHz all mode transceiver sitting on to of a very rare and sought after Kenwood BO-9 System base making a very attractive base station unit.

Type: Amateur UHF transceiver
Frequency range: 430-440 MHz
RF Power output: 10 W
Voltage: 13.8 VDC
Current drain: RX: 400 mA TX: Max 3 A
Impedance: 50 ohms, SO-239

Icom IC-120 & ML-12

Below is a very rare set up, my Icom IC-120 and matching ML-12 power booster (15 W) for 1.2 GHz.
Type: Amateur UHF transceiver
Frequency range: 1200 MHz (23 cm)
Mode: FM
RF Power output: 1 W barefoot (with matching ML-12 = 15 watts)
Voltage: 13.8 VDC
Current drain: RX: ? mA TX: Max 2.5 A
Impedance: 50 ohms

Dimensions (H*W*D): 140 x 50 x 207 mm

A Place For Everything and Everything In It's Place:

The pine wood rack primarily used to hold all the various handheld transceivers , accessories and batteries.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Special Event Station Commemorating 2008 Beijing Olympics

The Hong Kong Amateur Radio DX Association (HARDXA) is pleased to announce that it has received official permission from The Office Of The Telecommunications Authority authorizing it to use a special event callsign VR2008O for the period from 15th July to 31st August, 2008 to celebrate the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Operations will be primarily HF from 7MHz through to 28MHz and VHF on 50MHz, modes operated shall be primarily SSB ,RTTY and PSK31.

Direct QSL only. No e-qsl or LOTW.


TE Systems 0552GRA Cont.-Duty HPA 50-54 MHz.

The RF Engineer's signed test data:-

Set S/N: B4528

Test Freq.: 50.200 MHz

P in: 22 Watts

P out: 380 watts

Ic: 53 amps

Vcc: +13.8Vdc

Remarks: Class AB Linear, preamp 0.6dB NF +16.5dB gain

See the pictures below showing the amplifier in the 19 inch cont.-duty cooling rack as it was orginally configured and the amplifier after removal from the cooling rack. Normally not needed to be in cooling rack for use.

It is recommended that DC cords from supply to amp are using 4# wire as the Ic is 55 amps! From looking at details on the web this translates to 5.18922 mm diameter wire (Metric), in which case the standard 6 mm wire is suitable. As the connection terminals on both the supply and amp are screw types, one will need to attach suitable solder lugs for the wire on both ends (4 lugs). Obviously with the lugs, it will be better to solder the wire on.

AWG# Dia." Dia. mm Ic

3 0.2294 5.82676 75 max.

4 0.2043 5.18922 60 max.

Some RF Assumptions:

I just ran some calculations on the ERP of the present set up on 6M taking into account cable losses given a average power of 280 watts to the antenna. In reality average peaks on SSB would exceed well over 335 watts if driven by a TX of 25 watts PEP. Have not been able to measure actual PEP output and have not driven at fullnput capacity, but here are the assumptions:

Transmitter Power Output (TPO) : 280 Watts on SSB on average from TE Systems 0552G

Linear Amplifier. The Antenna Gain : 6.3 dBi from 2 Element 50MHz HB9CV

Effective Radiated Power (ERP) = 28.62314151952302 dBW = 728.30644 Watts

Effective Isotropic Radiated Power (EIRP) = 30.77158 dBW = 1194.42257 Watts

Value (Watts) : 280 Watts = 1194.42257 dBW

I think that is pretty comfortable for a small system