Monday, May 19, 2008

07:00Z on 19th May, 2008 - I was heard on 6M in W7.

Today 19th May, 2008 (Monday) was an eventful day as I was heard for the first time very briefly on 50.110 SSB in W7. Here is a copy of the chat room transcript which the W7 Stations and some JA Stations had. By the time I was notified by email to join the chat room, everyone had gone QRT. Even though a solid QSO was not established it was indeed good to know that my signals were finding their way Statside (A2, K1, Flux: 72). I am hopeful that a QSO will materialize soon.

07:49:28 JR6EXN Hide Hi Han san
07:43:52 JE1BMJ Han Hide san are you still on>
07:36:44 JE1BMJ Han 73 John
07:34:00 VE7DAY John 73. Han.
07:33:59 JE1BMJ Han yes, much excited today
07:33:44 VE7DAY John Just no prop here Barry.
07:33:34 JE1BMJ Han GE all
07:33:04 VE3CDX/W7 Barry Johnny he who snoozes loses
07:32:39 VE3CDX/W7 Barry Han-san and Hide-san thank you very much for the tests - have a good afternoon/evening and cu tomorrow
07:32:16 KE7V Johnny Guys will think were crazy after tonight!
07:31:52 VE7DAY John Night guys.
07:31:37 VE3CDX/W7 Barry Time for bed also
07:31:35 VE7DAY John Maybe tomorrow Johnny.
07:31:16 VE3CDX/W7 Barry UA vids are totally gone now
07:30:44 KE7V Johnny OK guys 73's and GL es DX!!
07:29:26 VE3CDX/W7 Barry That was him then WOW!!!!
07:28:55 KE7V Johnny No Barry, I heard very weak cw is all.
07:28:55 VE7DAY John Han and Hide, thank you again.
07:28:03 JE1BMJ Han it is very spotty and once in sweat spot one can make Q easily
07:27:24 VE3CDX/W7 Barry did you hear Steve on ssb Johnny?
07:27:24 JE1BMJ Han we have an weak prop almost every day - and the prop is moving day-by-day
07:26:58 VE3CDX/W7 Barry it is exciting for me also LOL esp hearing ssb on 110 !!!
07:26:27 KE7V Johnny Thank you Han-san We will work.
07:26:01 JE1BMJ Han r tnx again for an exciting moment hi
07:26:00 VE7DAY John California 10 m beacons still in strong.
07:25:40 VE3CDX/W7 Barry I think so Han-san for me - perhaps Johnny still has propagation
07:24:57 VE3CDX/W7 Barry Thank you Han-san that will be most helpful :-)
07:24:47 JE1BMJ Han the peak timezone today has passed?
07:23:50 VE7DAY John I heard no vids, no beacons and no signals. Completely shut out. HI.
07:23:35 JE1BMJ Han I sent an email to Steve VR2XMQ to join this region 2 chat page
07:21:15 VE3CDX/W7 Barry I think I am passed the peak - UA vids are dropping now 54
07:20:36 VE7DAY John No signals here.
07:15:58 VE3CDX/W7 Barry No Steve VR2XMQ
07:15:22 VE7DAY John You mean ve7sl Barry?
07:14:55 JR6EXN Hide NIL .110 yet.
07:14:39 KE7V Johnny yes, but weak!
07:14:38 VE3CDX/W7 Barry no call yet but maybe it's Steve?
07:13:34 VE3CDX/W7 Barry now cw on 110
07:12:11 VE3CDX/W7 Barry definite ssb - qsb is very fast
07:11:42 KE7V Johnny no
07:11:28 VE3CDX/W7 Barry can you hear the ssb Johnny?
07:10:42 VE3CDX/W7 Barry just a voice on ssb - can't understand it
07:09:49 VE3CDX/W7 Barry if he is calling cq on 110 I'm for sure not going to be heard
07:09:25 KE7V Johnny vr2 on ssb Barry!!
07:08:45 KE7V Johnny he must go to CW, SSB not possible
07:08:32 VE3CDX/W7 Barry ssb on 110 so I will move to 095 if that is good freq?
07:08:25 JE1BMJ Han rr
07:08:17 VE7DAY John Han, thank you.
07:08:08 VE7DAY John Hide, thank you for long cq.
07:08:04 KE7V Johnny No Han-san, not so far.
Han Higasa, JE1BMJ wrote to me today by eamil about his thoughts on the marginal opening that we experienced -
"I have had a great attention on the SSSP, which is a propagation toward Ws and EUs on around the summer solstice. The SSSP will occur on every years, end of May to end of July, so it is a little earlier than usual, but it is pleasure to know such an early openings. The detail of the SSSP is on theweb:

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