Thursday, May 1, 2008

TE Systems 0552GRA Cont.-Duty HPA 50-54 MHz.

The RF Engineer's signed test data:-

Set S/N: B4528

Test Freq.: 50.200 MHz

P in: 22 Watts

P out: 380 watts

Ic: 53 amps

Vcc: +13.8Vdc

Remarks: Class AB Linear, preamp 0.6dB NF +16.5dB gain

See the pictures below showing the amplifier in the 19 inch cont.-duty cooling rack as it was orginally configured and the amplifier after removal from the cooling rack. Normally not needed to be in cooling rack for use.

It is recommended that DC cords from supply to amp are using 4# wire as the Ic is 55 amps! From looking at details on the web this translates to 5.18922 mm diameter wire (Metric), in which case the standard 6 mm wire is suitable. As the connection terminals on both the supply and amp are screw types, one will need to attach suitable solder lugs for the wire on both ends (4 lugs). Obviously with the lugs, it will be better to solder the wire on.

AWG# Dia." Dia. mm Ic

3 0.2294 5.82676 75 max.

4 0.2043 5.18922 60 max.

Some RF Assumptions:

I just ran some calculations on the ERP of the present set up on 6M taking into account cable losses given a average power of 280 watts to the antenna. In reality average peaks on SSB would exceed well over 335 watts if driven by a TX of 25 watts PEP. Have not been able to measure actual PEP output and have not driven at fullnput capacity, but here are the assumptions:

Transmitter Power Output (TPO) : 280 Watts on SSB on average from TE Systems 0552G

Linear Amplifier. The Antenna Gain : 6.3 dBi from 2 Element 50MHz HB9CV

Effective Radiated Power (ERP) = 28.62314151952302 dBW = 728.30644 Watts

Effective Isotropic Radiated Power (EIRP) = 30.77158 dBW = 1194.42257 Watts

Value (Watts) : 280 Watts = 1194.42257 dBW

I think that is pretty comfortable for a small system

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Andy VK6OX said...

Hi Steve,

1st of all HNY from VK6!! I was browsing the web for further info re the TE Systems 0552G as I have recently acquired one. On perusing your info, I note that you may wish to "remove" one line in your calculation summary viz. the last one which sez "280W = dBW".
The previous line is 100% accurate hi!!

Anyway, look fwd to wkg u on 6m some time soon...don't forget to look twds Perth frm time to time...there's a few of us here quite active!!

73 de Andy VK6OX