Friday, October 31, 2008


Manufacturer's Pitch:

Designed to fulfill all the expectations of MP3/PMP players, which look for:

- Revolutionary reversed surround sound
- Super noise canceling with soft in-ear bud
- Excellent sound & Pure Dynamic BASS
- High-end rubber, comfortable wear
- Unique thermoplastic soft cable, durable, environmentally friendly
- Metal cover
- Specially developed for digital audio-video players MP3/PMP
Stereo Earphones
- Frequency response: 10 ~ 20 000 Hz
- Sensitivity: 108 dB ± 3dB (at 1kHz)
- Impedance: 32 ohm




Package Contents:
Cord with 3.5mm Jacks
2pcs Replacement silicone ear pads
Warranty Card

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Anna Nalick

Anna Nalick - Breathe (2AM)

Anna Nalick - breathe (acoustic)

Anna Nalick - wreck of the day (acoustic)

Danny Summer

夏韶聲 feat.竹田和夫, 包以正, 鄧建明 - 交叉點 Unplugged

夏韶聲+鄭融@勁歌金曲 2007-09-05

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Samsung YA-EF310T Floating Earphones - Titanium

These ergonomically designed Samsung earphones feature a floating design and offer excellent sound quality. Available in a choice of titanium and white colours.

- Frequency range: 16-22,000Hz
- Impedance: 32Ohm
- Driver units: 16mm
- Sensitivity: 110dB
- Power output: 40mW
- Cord length: 1.2m
- Plug type: 3.5mm

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Silent Event ! The WeSC Ed Banger headphone launch

FiiO E5 News.

As for the releasing date, FiiO are still planning for a mid/late November market release in China and hopefully it will hit web stores before Christmas. The initial release batch will only come in black/white. There is a black and red version also on the horizon.

As for price, US$16~20 for China local market, and international reseller will have to determine the price for their own.

The basic spec remains about the same as announced before. Output is close to 150mW/16ohms. SNR as well as hissing problem have been improved. The opamp is TI's TPA6130A and extra chips for volume control, over-charge protection and such. Accessories include two IC cable of different lengths and an USB cable.

Monday, October 20, 2008


Micro-Shar PREMIUM MINI STEREO 1/8" (3.5mm) PLUG TO MINI STEREO 1/8" (3.5mm) PLUG INTERCONNECT CABLE, made in USA. It's the new 2008 version, made from special cross linked PE Insulation Cable. Pure Copper 99.99% Oxygen free and high quality 24K- gold plated Neutrik USA performance grade stereo 3.5mm plugs. Hand crafted, 8.5" END TO END, 99.8% Silver Coated Braided shield.
The cable is beautifully made and provides ULTRA HIGH RESOULUTION and clear and crsip details with sharp sound imagery and staging. Cable is Oil, Ozone, Moisture, Abrasion, & Ultraviolet resistant. Came nicely packaged in a presentation box.

This is a high grade interconnect between the portable headphone amplifier and source - MP3/4 etc.

Check out Microshar At:

Pieces Of A Dream.

Night Visions:

Night Vision - Pieces of a dream

Forward Emotion:

Forward Emotion - Pieces of A Dream

In That Mood:

In that Mood - Pieces of A Dream

Walter Beasley

Never Can Say Goodbye:

Never Can Say Goodbye - Walter Beasley

Do You Wanna Dance?:

Do You Wanna Dance - Walter Beasley

It Might Be You:

It Might Be You - Walter Beasley

Sunday, October 19, 2008

真夏の果実 - Southern All Stars

真夏の果実 / Southern All Stars


Koji Tamaki

玉置浩二 じれったい 2005

[經典回憶] 譚詠麟友情一線牽 (同玉置浩二合唱酒紅色的心)Koji Tamaki & Alan Tam

安全地帶 - ワインレッドの心 Koji Tamaki

安全地帯 - 恋の予感 Anzenchitai - koi no yokan

玉置浩二 「恋の予感」 duet with 森山良子

ANZENCHITAI - Koi no Yokan

安全地帯 - 恋の予感 Anzenchitai - koi no yokan [younger Koji Tamaki]

玉置浩二「恋の予感」(live) [Older Koji Tamaki]

Uncle Ray - Life Itself Will Let You Know

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Music From Long Vacation.

Silent Emotion - Long Vacation

Long Vacation_悠長假期_What Will I Do by Cagnet_木村拓哉_山口智子

Long Vacation_悠長假期_Deeper and Deeper by Cagnet_木村拓哉_山口智子

Lyrics | Deeper And Deeper lyrics

Cagnet - True ... True (Logo Slide)


Toshinobu Kubota - LA-LA-LA LOVE SONG


喜欢你 Artist: BEYOND

喜欢你 - BEYOND

光辉岁月 Artist: BEYOND

光辉岁月 - BEYOND

灰色轨迹 Artist: Beyond

beyond - 灰色轨迹 - Beyond

Jan-dik Ngoi Nei Artist: Beyond

Jan-dik Ngoi Nei - Beyond

無聲的告別 Soundless Farewell Artist: Beyond

無聲的告別Soundless Farewell - Beyond

午夜怨曲 Artist: BEYOND

午夜怨曲 - BEYOND

誰伴我闖盪 Artist: Beyond

Beyond-誰伴我闖盪 - Beyond

Wait (等) by Danny Chan (陈百强)

等(純鋼琴版) - Danny Chan

Emil Chow: 明天我要嫁给你-周华健 in Japan

Emil Chow 周華健 - 昨晚妳已嫁給誰 (video - Mandarin)

Clip On Over Ear Cans: Audio Technica ATH-EQ77.

These were given to me. The design is a good idea that unfortunately does not work at all well in practice. There is too much sound leakage in and out, the drivers do not fit next to the ear snug enough to provide any measure of seal. They cannot be used for serious listening due to this fault and therefore one can only hear the high frequencies mostly. Sorry but these only merit a 2 out of 5.

Manufacturer's Description:
ATH-EQ77 is Audio-Technica unique design Ear Fit clip-on headphones. Features a new "Wind-Up Mechanism" function that allows you to retract both and headphone cord and the neck cord. It is the first retract system on a clip-on headphone, so it is easy to carry and less tangle between the cords. Adopts neodymium magnet that gives high quality sound. Soft rubber support that gives you a total comfort around your ears. Available in 6 different colors, Black, Blue, Green, Red, Silver, and White.

  • EQ77 Specifications
  • Type Dynamic
    Driver Diameter 30 mm
    Magnet Neodymium
    Frequency Response 14 - 24,000Hz
    Maximum Input Power 500 mW
    Sensitivity 103 dB/mW
    Impedance 22 ohms
    Weight 37 g
    Cable 1.0m
    Connector 3.5 mm mini-stereo, gold-plated

    Friday, October 17, 2008

    Earphones: Meizu PT850

    The Meizu PT850 earphones are completely uninteresting (plain Jane), plain to look at (in fact quite cheap to look at), they look like the usual give away ear buds of low quality that come with MP4 players that you don't expect to deliver any performance at all. Some places advertise them for US$10.00. I picked up my pair in fact for US$3.60 and probably the best $3.60 I have ever spent.The sound quality is unusually and surprisingly good for such cheap earphones, the bass rendition sounding like those of ear buds at many more times the cost, clarity and accuracy of mid and high ranges is sharp, crisp and crystal clear (not raspy but razor sharpness). Quite frankly I was quite surprised with the results from these earphones. I have both the Meizu PT650 and PT850.

    The PT850 has no frills, even the plug is not even gold plated, but who cares with astounding performance to price ratio, you can't lose. They come in white and black color, and I purchased a black pair. I have found that a very good synergy is made when match up yo the FiiO E3 headphone amplifier. Whereas the PT650 has a gold plated plug and a volume control on the cord.

    New MEIZU PT850 earphone

    Color: White/Black
    Driver size: 16mm
    Sensitivity: 103dB/mW (SPL at 1kHz)
    Impedance: 32
    Frequency response: 18Hz-22kHz
    Rated power input: 3mW
    Maximum power input: 10mW
    Cable length: 1.35m - 03m
    Plug: stereo: 3.5mm
    Weight: 9g

    Tuesday, October 14, 2008

    Vestax Guber CM-02 Belt Drive Turntable

    For all you die hard analog purists, Vestax has a new belt drive turntable with a very nice retro styling, it has USB and line outputs and yes it has it's own headphone output as well. Check out the specs and the photos and visit the Vestax site: The Guber turntable is not just an isolated product, it has a matching amplifier and a pair of speakers under the "Guber" name:More about the "Guber" System turntable:


    TURNTABLE Motor DC Servo motor

    Drive system Belt drive

    Speed 33 1/3rpm,45rpm,78rpm

    Pitch control +10%/-10%

    Wow & Flutter 0.13%

    S/N 60dB(ICE-B),70dB(DIN-B)

    TONE ARM Type Static balance system

    Effective length 230mm +-1mm

    Offset angle 23

    Over hang 15mm

    Tracking error 2.35~ 1.3

    Stylus pressure Adjustment range 0~7.0g

    100mW+100mW max (at 32ohms load)

    CARTRIDGE Model name VR-3S(Dual magnet)

    Frequency response 15~20,000Hz

    Sensitivity 3mV

    Channel balance 2dB

    Channel separation 20dB

    Stylus pressure 2.5~3.5g

    Tracking angle 23

    Stylus for exchange VR-3SS

    Weight 7.0g

    OTHERS Dimensions 280(W)x138(H)x280(D)mm

    Weight 4.7kg

    Power AC 100V 50/60Hz

    Power requirements 10VA

    7 Range Sound Level Meter

    The photos below show one of the two different sound level meters that I own. The meter is used to measure sound intensity and for analysis of in room acoustical environment for optimal placement of components and and speaker and proves to be a very versatile instrument. If you are serious about obtaining the most from your hi-fi system the you should have one of these instruments in your armoury.

    This meter features include:

    • 7 sound level ranges - allowing measurements from 50 ~ 126dB (referenced to 0.0002ubar);
    • A and C Weightings - Let's you check using different ratings for acoustical analysis in different environments;
    • Slow and fast response settings - Choose from a delayed hang time meter response or a fast meter response;
    • RCA Output Jack - for connection to home system or other test equipment such as a spectrum analyser to check frequency responses at given locations;
    • Threaded Insert - allowing for stabilized mounting on top of a camera tripod for stability and accurate readings.

    Switch Setting:- Range of Measurement:
    60dB- 50-60dB
    70dB- 60-76dB
    80dB- 70-86dB
    90dB- 80-96dB
    100dB- 90-106dB
    110dB- 100-116dB
    120dB- 110-126dB

    Accuracy: +/- 2dB @114dB
    Standard: 0 dB = 0.0002ubar
    Weighting: A & C
    Response: Fast and slow
    Signal: Output 1.0 Volt (peak) minimum into open circuit, with full scale meter
    deflection at 1 kHz
    Battery: Check Tests good from 7.0 to 10.5 Volt DC
    9V Battery Life: 110 working hours (alkaline battery)
    Size: 6 1/4 x 2 7/16 x 1 3/4 inches
    Weight: 6.6 oz.

    Load impedance: 10k ohm min.
    Distortion: less than 2% at 1kHz, 0.5-volt
    Microphone: Electret condenser, omni directional becoming slightly directional
    with increase in audio frequency

    Below is a chart of that shows standards for how much sound level is acceptable for a given period:

    Sound Level (dB) (A Weighting-slow response): Maximum hrs./day:
    90dB- 8hrs
    92dB- 6hrs
    95dB- 4hrs
    97dB- 3hrs
    100dB- 2hrs
    102dB- 1.5hrs
    105dB- 1hr
    110dB- .5hr
    115dB < 15 mins.

    Sunday, October 12, 2008

    Bionic Ear [CVETM-SBE001]

    Bionic Ear - 100 Meters Sound Distance

    My bionic ear CVETM-SBE001 set is a highly directional microphone with a directional parabolic dish to focus and amplify sound up to 100 meters. I use the bionic ear to listen to bird song and wildlife on walks. The amplified audio is delivered to a stereo headphone and can be outputted to a tape recorder. There is in built volume control as well as a digital audio recorder with playback function.

    • Sound Distance: 100 Meters Max
    • Built-in Monocular: magnification x8
    • Digital Sound Recorder: 12 seconds (new file records over last)
    • Headphone Jack: 3.5mm
    • Power Source: 1x 9V Battery
    • Dimension:
      Sound Gun: 175x280x55 (LxWxD)
      Sound Dish: 250mm round 60mm(D)
      Stereo Headphone: Adjustable Length 160mm~200mm
    • Manufacturer Ref.: VAWZ73LNX7EX

      Other Features:
    • Sound Band Adjustment: Expands/Narrows the cone of sounds picked up to find particular sounds
    • Sound Playback
    • Line in to transfer sound file to tape recorder

    Earphones: Sony MDR-EX700LP (top of the line).

    Yes these are the top of the line earphones from Sony. The impression one has when plugging and listening to the ear buds is that they are smooth as silk and the "Wow" factor on the musical impact although high is not one that is unforgettable. They sport no less then 16mm sized driver units. Although smooth, I did notice that there was not any gut wrenching bass and I noticed that Sony's new 'phones are far more concerned with the mid-range than the highs. Nonetheless the music was very delicate, refined and polished. Overall these are warm sounding earphones and would be suitable for vocals and folk music from my initial listening.However as with high end cans the burning in of the cans will likely make a dramatic impact on the optimization of the sound quality and this remains to be seen over the coming weeks ahead. After a listening session of 2 hours, I did not find any discomfort at all, isolation is good but they are not the best. There is room for the high frequency range to improve and I hope with further burning in that this will occur. Sony has supplied no less then 7 sizes of ear tips!

    Sony's High end Earphones at US$299.99

    Featuring 16mm driver units and a thin magnesium housing, these MDR-EX700LP ear bud headphones faithfully reproduce your favorite music with stellar results. The multi-layer diaphragm design makes even the most subtle sounds heard, while the seven included silicon ear buds ensure a proper fit.

    16mm driver units

    New 16mm driver units for reproducing precision sound faithfully (108dB, 4-28KHz)

    Thin magnesium housing and new closed vertical style

    Provides for a comfortable fit while and performance

    Newly developed multi-layer diaphragm

    Allows for reproducing high-resolution sound


    • New 16mm driver units for reproducing precision sound faithfully (108dB, 4-28KHz)
    • Thin magnesium housing and new closed vertical in the ear style provide wearing comfort
    • Newly developed multi-layer diaphragm for reproducing high-resolution sound
    • 7 sizes of hybrid silicone ear buds for achieving more comfort and secure fitting
    • Driver Unit : 16mm diameter, dome type(CCAW adopted)
    • Frequency Response : 4-28,000Hz
    • Impedance : 16 ohms at 1kHz
    • Sensitivity : 108dB/mW
    • Diaphragm : Multi Layer Film
    • Type : Closed, Dynamic
    • Power Handling Capacity : 100mW (IEC)
    • Case Type : Leather with slide out tray to hold headphones
    • Magnet : Neodymium (440kJ/m3) for outstanding bass performance in a small driver
    • Plug : Straight stereo mini plug (Gold); L shaped stereo mini plug (Gold)
    Weights and Measurements
    • Cord Length (Approx.) : OFC neck chain, 47.24 inches (1.2m)

    Armband Digital AM/FM Radio: GPX A2099RSYEL

    Was out walking in Kowloon and came across a GPX A2099RSYEL AM/FM digital stereo radio with neck band earphones for US$9.90 and so bought one. This is a nifty little LCD digital scanning tuner with lock an 5 programmable memories. It also has a DBBS switch to create extra bass. Comes with armband. Nice little radio for jogging and hiking. The sound from the supplied earphones are actually OK but of course not hi-fi quality.

    Brain Sync: Audio / Visual Experience - Use Headphones.

    About: BrainSync Sound

    BrainSync - Theta Wave w/ Fractals

    BrainSync - Delta Induction w/ Fractals

    BrainSync - Alpha Waves w/ Fractals

    Saturday, October 11, 2008

    Steve's Head-Fi Equipment Stock Take.

    Well today I took an inventory stock take of all my head-fi equipment and associated hi-fi equipment and this is the list as at today's date:

    Headphone Inventory
    1. STAX SR-34;
    2. STAX Lambda ^ Professional;

    1. Panasonic RP-HTX7;
    2. Audio Technica ATH-F5GX;
    3. Audio Technica ATH-ES7;
    4. Grado SR-60;
    5. Pickering CD-2;
    6. Denon AH-D950;
    7. Technics RP-F880;
    8. Jecklin Float Model 1;
    9. Sony MDR-XD050;
    10. Sony MDR-V900 Studio Monitor;
    11. Sony MDR-V900HD (High Definition) Studio Monitor;
    12. JVC HA RX300;
    13. Pioneer HDJ-1000;
    14. Zumreed Dream ZHP-005 Color (Blue)Headphones;
    15. M-Audio Q40 Studiophile Dynamic Headphones;
    16. DYNEX DX-HP550;
    17. Koss UR-40;

    Portable Cans:
    1. Sennheiser PX 200 x 2;
    2. AKG K416P;
    3. Audio Technica ATH-ON3 ONTO;
    4. KOSS Porta-Pro FOLDING Headphones;
    5. Altec Lansing CHP122.

    1. Bose TriPort In-Ear Headphones;
    2. Shure E4c;
    3. JBL REF 220 BLKI Reference Earphones;
    4. Philips SHE9800/27 Professional Series Noise Isolation In-Ear Headphones;
    5. Ason AS-18 Open-air type ear buds;
    6. Cans in a can earbuds;
    7. Sony MDR-EX90;
    8. Technics EAH-Z100;
    9. JVC HA-FX66B Air-Cushion Headphones;
    10. Splendor SP-107MV Soft Air-Cushion Earphones (from Korea);
    11. Sennheiser CX-500;
    12. Audio Technica ATH-CK9 (balanced armature drivers);
    13. Sound Magic PL11.

    Headphone Amp Inventory
    1. AW HEADPHONE AMPLIFIER - RA-1 (Special Edition);
    2. CSG CMOY heaphone amp;
    3. Little Dot MKI Portable Headphone Amp Amplifier;
    4. FiiO E3 Headphone amp.

    1. Xiang Sheng 708B Tube Headphone Pre Amplifier;
    2. Audio Technica AT-HA20;
    3. DFX Audio Adapter;

    1. STAX SRM-PP;

    5.1 Dolby & DTS:
    1. Sony DP-1000 Digital 5.1 Decoder heaphone amplifier.

    Source Inventory
    1. 4GB MP3/4 Player;
    3. EPC-303 MP5 8GB 3.0 Inch TFT LCD Screen Player - Red / Black;
    4. Oregon Scientific Music Orbit & Station;

    1. Technics SP-15 Turntable with Rosewood Plinth.
    2. Samsung DVD-HD-950 DVD/SACD Player.
    3. Denon CDR-W1500 HDCD Recorder/Player.
    4. Denon TU-355 Analog FM Tuner.

    Cable Inventory
    1. Monster StereoLink(Home) RCA to 3.5mm;
    2. Yarbo Audiophile Cables GY-211OL 3.5mm~3.5mm;
    3. Digital Cable: Silver GHz Teflon 75Ohm COAX with Canare True 75Ohm RCA;
    4. MC-Silver 1.5M L with 2 x WBT RCA.
    5. Firefly Custom Made Silver Litz interconnect with 3.5mm to 3.5mm gold plated connectors.
    6. Custom Made Stereo 3.5mm to Stereo 3.5mm Using Oyaide PA-02 PCOCC Cable & Premium Canare Connectors.
    7. Practical Devices "TERSUS" 3.5mm Interconnect Cable 5" with Gold Plated 3.5mm Connectors.
    NB: Too many other cables to list including Van Den Hul, Mogami etc.

    Power-Related Components
    1. Sony 330ES Power Amplifier.
    2. Ditton DDA 5.1 multi channel power amplifier

    Other Audio Equipment
    1. Lite Audio DAC-60;
    2. Micromega microdac;
    3. Audio Alchemy - Digital Transmission Interface;
    4. Audio Alchemy - Digital Decoding Engine V3;
    5. Sonic Frontiers - Jitterbug.

    Audio Processors:
    1. Barcus Berry Electronics - Maxie Model 402;
    2. Carver Model C-9 Sonic Holographic Generatior;
    3. Nicole AS1000 SRS Audio Turbo;
    4. Millennium Technologies 246 DTS Decoder.

    Phono Stages:
    1. Audiolab 8000PPA;
    2. Lyndsey-Hood SEPP Dual Mono Block MM/MC Amp;
    3. Korsun u3i;
    4. Creek OBH-8.

    1. Ditton DDP 5.1 Processor.
    2. Signal Reference Model 7 Tube (Limited Edition) preamp with deluxe Corian fascia and knobs.

    1. BOK 4 Way floor standing monitors (cherry wood).
    2. Advent 900MHz wireless speakers for rear surround channels.

    In the bedroom:
    1. Oregon Scientific Music Element CD Player/Speaker System.

    Wish List:
    1. RudiStor NX-33 Balanced Headphone Amplifier - Class A.
    2. YULONG DAH1 MARK DAC / Headphone Amplifier USB.
    3. iBasso D1 MAD-05 DAC AMP headphone ampilifer.
    4. C&C XO Portable Headphone Tube AMP Amplifier.
    5. ZERO 24BIT/192KHz DAC Headphone amplifier.
    6. Little Dot MK V "Dual-Mono" Headphone Amp Amplifier.
    7. Special Version Little Dot MICRO-TUBE Headphone Amp Amplifier.
    8. Darkvoice Figaro Headphone Tube amp.
    9. G&W TW-J9 Headphone Amplifier.
    10.XM5 Headphone Amplifier-USB DAC BUF BASS X Feed amp.
    11. FiiO E5 Headphone Amp.

    Wish List:
    1. Goldring DR-150 Headphones.
    2. Audio Technica ATH-W1000 Dynamic Wooden Headphone.
    3. Audio-Technica ATH-W5000 Dynamic Wooden Headphone.
    4. GRADO LABS RS-1 Reference Series Headphones.
    5. Alessandro Music Series Two Headphones by Grado.
    6. JVC Earphones HA-NCX77 Noise-Canceling Headphones.
    7. JVC Victor HP-DX1000 Wood Headphones.
    8. Denon AH-D7000 Mahogany Headphones.
    10. AudioTechnica Cherry Wood ClipOn Headphones ATH-EW9.
    11. Audio Technica ATH-ESW9 Le Luxe Stereo Headphones.
    12. SENNHEISER HD-650 Headphones

    Tuesday, October 7, 2008

    Deborah Holland - Come To Me.

    come to me - (Deborah Holland)Unknown(From Fright Night Movie Soundtrack)

    Come To Me

    Sung by-Deborah Holland

    Your Life
    Is the same
    Day After Day
    Everything that you do
    You do the same old way
    I can show you the World
    In a different light
    Keep your Heart to yourself
    Give your Soul to the Night

    Come to me
    When you're Lonely
    Come to me
    When you need something new
    Come to me
    When you're Restless
    'Cause I've got something just for you
    Just for you...

    Come to me
    When you're Lonely
    Come to me
    When you need something new
    Come to me
    When you're Restless
    'Cause I've got something just for you

    You can wait
    Your whole Life
    For the Sun to rise
    When it finally comes up
    It's gonna hurt your eyes
    I can show you the World
    In a different light
    Keep your Heart to yourself
    Give your Soul to the Night

    Come to me
    When you're Lonely
    Come to me
    When you need something new
    Come to me
    When you're Restless
    'Cause I've got something just for you

    Just for you

    Just for you...

    "Dancin' In the Moonlight" - King Harvest

    Via Gra (Nu Virgos) and Valeriy Meladze - No gravity

    Anna Sedokova

    Anna Sedokova: Moy Serdce

    Анна Седокова (Anna Sedokova): Верю (Хорошие песри)

    Anna Sedokova - Privikayu ya

    Custom Made Stereo 3.5mm to Stereo 3.5mm Using Oyaide PA-02 PCOCC Cable.

    I have just made a length of interconnect with two high spec Canare 3.5 mm stereo jacks on each end and a 1 foot length of Oyaide Electric PA-02 PCOCC Cable. This is used as interconnect between headphone amplifiers and source equipment such as CD player or MP-4 player.

    Oyaide PA-02 Cable Details:


    PCOCC copper is a material that includes very few impurities and insures very low levels of signal disturbance. Because of its low incidence of grain boundaries, the signal passes without impediment or distortion. Heating and cooling the PCOCC wire under controlled circumstances yields a densely re-crystallized, highly pure structure called a μ conductor. The resulting product with a mirror finish applied is called PCOCC-A copper. This highly advanced product is made possible by the combined application of high technology and traditional Japanese craftsmanship.


    For PA-02, we employed traditional balanced type shield wire structure and triple-layered inverted concentric structure which insures maximum density and uniformity of wire structure and infilling of internal space and preventing deformation among the wires.

    For its insulation material, we employed formed polypropylene which is a low-dielectric material and insures reduction of loss of signal transmission.

    Outer sheath

    In addition to PCOCC-A conductor, the halogen-free sheath developed specifically for audio applications is applied for PA-02 with assistance of Furukawa Electric. This RoHS compliant sheath has excellent vibration damping property and high transmitting capability by ideal compounding ratio of materials.

    Monday, October 6, 2008

    Earphones: Splendor SP-107MV Soft Aircushion Earphones (from Korea)

    A friend sent to me an intriguing set of earphones from Korea called the Splendor SP-107MV Soft Air cushion Earphones. A run on yahoo and Google did not find anything about them? They are open air dynamic type air buds and the novelty about them is the inner tube like silicone ring which runs the circumference of each driver (what they deem to be their soft air-cushion). The packaging seems up to date styling with little English and mainly in the Korean language.

    They have a volume control on the cord and the cord is grey silicone rubber of 125cm length with a gold plated 3.5mm stereo jack. Plugging them in and listening to them did not yield any interesting findings. I found the design uncomfortable and the placing of each ear bud in each ear had to be very carefully aligned in order to obtain the proper and wanted frequency response from them. The sound is light and undramatic, I would venture to say bland and uninteresting.

    At first hearing they do not appear to show promise, just only a little bit better then the general run of the mill ear buds that often come with MP4 players. Generally the music was uninteresting and unenlightening. Bass extension did not seem to be there. All in all they did not create an interest for the listener to listen to the music. I will however let then burn in for 15 to 20 hours to see if there is any further improvement. But the general discomfort and the difficulty in proper alignment means that it is difficult to replicate consistent tonal performance each time. Given the above scenario it is difficult to even give them a solid 3 out of 5, I would say 2.8 is a max that I would give.

    They are a novelty since they are a gift from Korea, the only thing is that they are not made in Korea but in China. Well one more pair to my ever growing collection. Pressing them against the ear canals was altogether a different story with the whole frequency range opening open, the bass extension was there, the punch to the music became more evident. It is obvious that the drivers are of good reproduction quality, it is just the ear bud design that let's the performance down. If these drivers were in a better casing I think it would be a different story! Anyway, I will let them burn for some hours.

    Their Specs:

    Type: Open Air Dynamic Type (Air Cushion)
    Frequency: 18~25,000Hz
    Sensitivity: 110dB/mW
    Max power: 500mW
    Imp.: 32 ohms
    Plug: Gold plated 3.5mm stereo Plug
    Cord: 125cm with volume control

    Running further searches I found:

    US Patent 6731772 - Cushion cover for preventing pains in using earphones

    US Patent Issued on May 4, 2004


    The prevent invention is related to a cushion cover to improve adherence and to prevent pains when wearing earphones which deliver sounds of various portable small-sized recorders, radios, etc. by inserting them into earholes inside of earflaps for a long time. The cushion cover which covers the circumference of the insertion portion of earphones in the present invention is composed of the fixing-in portion which is grounded to the above insertion portion, the ear connection portion which is grounded to the inner earflaps, and the air chamber which absorbs the pressure added to the fixing-in portion and connection portion in order to soften adherence to earholes.


    What is claimed is:

    1. A cushion cover for an earphone for preventing pains in wearing, which includes a radially inner annular earphone fitting portion for connecting to an earphone and a radially outer ear connection portion sized for insertion in a human ear, characterized by an air chamber formed between said earphone fitting portion and ear connection portion of said cushion cover to give a cushion effect, and said earphone fitting portion being made of an elastic material, and said cushion cover being round with a diametrical width greater than its axial length.

    2. A cushion cover for an earphone for preventing pains in wearing, which includes a radially inner annular earphone fitting portion for connecting to an earphone and a radially outer ear connection portion, characterized by an air chamber formed between said earphone fitting portion and ear connection portion of said cushion cover to give a cushion effect, and said earphone fitting portion being made of an elastic material, and wherein said air chamber is formed by a circumferential arrangement of radial air pockets.

    3. A cushion cover as set forth in claim 1, wherein said air chamber is formed in the form of an enclosed tube in said cushion cover.

    4. A cushion cover as set forth in claim 1, wherein the air chamber has an annular shape and is enclosed by the the earphone fitting portion and the ear connecting portion.

    5. A cushion cover as set forth in claim 1, made of an elastic material.

    6. A cushion cover as set forth in claim 1, wherein the earphone fitting portion and the ear connecting portion are made of an elastic material.

    7. A cushion cover as set forth in claim 1, wherein the air chamber has an annular shape and is closed to the interior of the cushion.

    8. A cushion cover as set forth in claim 1, assembled on an earphone.

    9. A cushion cover for an earphone for preventing pains in wearing, which includes a radially inner annular earphone fitting portion for connecting to an earphone and a radially outer ear connection portion sized for insertion in a human ear, characterized by an air chamber formed between said earphone fitting portion and ear connection portion of said cushion cover to give a cushion effect, and said earphone fitting portion being made of an elastic material, and wherein there is no provision for user inflation of the air chamber.

    Earphones: JVC HA-FX66B Air-Cushion Headphones (An Unpolished Gem)

    Well what Have I been up to? I have been auditioning a pair on in canal earphones made by JVC known as the JVC HA-FX66B (Black) that retail for US$29.95. They come in a number of colors, - blue, black, red and white. I considered them to be the best bang for the buck in terms of ear canal earphones and give them a straight unadulterated 5 out of 5 rating. For the money they are just plain hard to beat for comfort and performance. Performance is truly outstanding for this price class and here is a list of what these ear buds excel in:-

    • overall coherence between low, mid range and high frequencies;
    • excellent timbre and aire;
    • incredible sound stage and 3D holographic stereo imagery;
    • tight well controlled bass with good adequate extension;
    • live performance presence!
    • incredible details at low, mid and high frequencies;
    • excellent external isolation;
    • comfortable for the ear canals;
    • performance vis-a-vis price level is a difficult act to follow.
    I consider these as unpolished gems, a diamond in the rough. They beat the pants and put to shame many much more expensive ear buds and many more times the price. Check them out.

    HA-FX66B Price: $29.95
    Air-Cushion Headphones

    Colorful in-ear headphones with unique designed soft Air-Cushion
    • Secure fit with unique designed soft Air-Cushion
    • Isolation from ambient noise
    • 3.28ft friction noise reduction cord
    JVC Intro:

    JVC research shows that consumers’ biggest problem with in-ear headphones is their tendency to fall out. The HA-FX66 headphones tackle that problem by using a soft silicon rubber air cushion for the earpiece body. In addition, the headphones come with three different size silicon rubber and memory foam cushion earpieces for the best possible fit. The result is an in-ear headphone that stays securely in place while remaining comfortable. What’s more, the design also provides superior isolation from background noise, allowing the user to get the most out of the headphone’s 8.5mm neodymium driver. Noise caused by cord movement is also minimized because of the headphone’s Friction Noise Reduction Cord. vibration-proof structure. Available in four high-fashion colors – blue, black, red and white – the HA-FX66 Air Cushion headphones allow users to pick a color that matches their mood or even their outfit. The HA-FX66 also includes a carrying case for easy transport.

    • Secure fit with unique designed soft Air-Cushion
    • Isolation from ambient noise
    • 3.28ft friction noise reduction cord
    • iPhone compatible slim plug
    • Low sound leakage
    • Powerful neodymium 8.5mm driver unit
    • Frequency Response:10-23,000Hz
    • Sensitivity: 101 dB/1mW
    • Nominal Impedance:16 ohms
    • Maximum Input Capability:200 mW(IEC)
    • Weight: 0.12oz
    • 3 sizes soft silicon rubber ear pieces and 1 memory foam ear piece provided
    • Compact carrying case provided