Sunday, October 5, 2008

Vintage Intergrated Amplifier RA-1412.


In an earlier post I mentioned a Rotel RA-1412 Integrated amplifier which I owned whilst at college in the late 70s, I do really miss this beauty. It was at the time the top of the line flagship of Rotel and in my opinion one of the best they ever built. I like it so much that I had it shipped out by air to the Far East after I graduated and it continued to provide me with service until only a few years ago when it died of old age. Just too much wrong with it and no time to spend salvaging it.

The amplifier is 3-stage DC-coupled, 1-stage Class A SEPP phono equalizer (with trim switches), full DC 2-stage differential, 3-stage parallel p-p OCL complementary amp with 2x 110W (20Hz...20kHz), with completely independent left and right power supplies with two power transformers, four 22,000µF power caps.

Tone controls are 3-stage DC SEPP amps, dubbing and monitoring switches, terminals for three pairs of loudspeakers, speaker terminals, input and output terminals are located to the left side and right side, the power amp section at the back. Two beautiful back lit power meters. The sound was outstanding, if there is one in good nick I would surely reconsider. Mind you it is heavy built like a battleship. The headphone output was also very decent.

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