Friday, October 17, 2008

Earphones: Meizu PT850

The Meizu PT850 earphones are completely uninteresting (plain Jane), plain to look at (in fact quite cheap to look at), they look like the usual give away ear buds of low quality that come with MP4 players that you don't expect to deliver any performance at all. Some places advertise them for US$10.00. I picked up my pair in fact for US$3.60 and probably the best $3.60 I have ever spent.The sound quality is unusually and surprisingly good for such cheap earphones, the bass rendition sounding like those of ear buds at many more times the cost, clarity and accuracy of mid and high ranges is sharp, crisp and crystal clear (not raspy but razor sharpness). Quite frankly I was quite surprised with the results from these earphones. I have both the Meizu PT650 and PT850.

The PT850 has no frills, even the plug is not even gold plated, but who cares with astounding performance to price ratio, you can't lose. They come in white and black color, and I purchased a black pair. I have found that a very good synergy is made when match up yo the FiiO E3 headphone amplifier. Whereas the PT650 has a gold plated plug and a volume control on the cord.

New MEIZU PT850 earphone

Color: White/Black
Driver size: 16mm
Sensitivity: 103dB/mW (SPL at 1kHz)
Impedance: 32
Frequency response: 18Hz-22kHz
Rated power input: 3mW
Maximum power input: 10mW
Cable length: 1.35m - 03m
Plug: stereo: 3.5mm
Weight: 9g

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