Monday, October 6, 2008

Earphones: JVC HA-FX66B Air-Cushion Headphones (An Unpolished Gem)

Well what Have I been up to? I have been auditioning a pair on in canal earphones made by JVC known as the JVC HA-FX66B (Black) that retail for US$29.95. They come in a number of colors, - blue, black, red and white. I considered them to be the best bang for the buck in terms of ear canal earphones and give them a straight unadulterated 5 out of 5 rating. For the money they are just plain hard to beat for comfort and performance. Performance is truly outstanding for this price class and here is a list of what these ear buds excel in:-

  • overall coherence between low, mid range and high frequencies;
  • excellent timbre and aire;
  • incredible sound stage and 3D holographic stereo imagery;
  • tight well controlled bass with good adequate extension;
  • live performance presence!
  • incredible details at low, mid and high frequencies;
  • excellent external isolation;
  • comfortable for the ear canals;
  • performance vis-a-vis price level is a difficult act to follow.
I consider these as unpolished gems, a diamond in the rough. They beat the pants and put to shame many much more expensive ear buds and many more times the price. Check them out.

HA-FX66B Price: $29.95
Air-Cushion Headphones

Colorful in-ear headphones with unique designed soft Air-Cushion
  • Secure fit with unique designed soft Air-Cushion
  • Isolation from ambient noise
  • 3.28ft friction noise reduction cord
JVC Intro:

JVC research shows that consumers’ biggest problem with in-ear headphones is their tendency to fall out. The HA-FX66 headphones tackle that problem by using a soft silicon rubber air cushion for the earpiece body. In addition, the headphones come with three different size silicon rubber and memory foam cushion earpieces for the best possible fit. The result is an in-ear headphone that stays securely in place while remaining comfortable. What’s more, the design also provides superior isolation from background noise, allowing the user to get the most out of the headphone’s 8.5mm neodymium driver. Noise caused by cord movement is also minimized because of the headphone’s Friction Noise Reduction Cord. vibration-proof structure. Available in four high-fashion colors – blue, black, red and white – the HA-FX66 Air Cushion headphones allow users to pick a color that matches their mood or even their outfit. The HA-FX66 also includes a carrying case for easy transport.

  • Secure fit with unique designed soft Air-Cushion
  • Isolation from ambient noise
  • 3.28ft friction noise reduction cord
  • iPhone compatible slim plug
  • Low sound leakage
  • Powerful neodymium 8.5mm driver unit
  • Frequency Response:10-23,000Hz
  • Sensitivity: 101 dB/1mW
  • Nominal Impedance:16 ohms
  • Maximum Input Capability:200 mW(IEC)
  • Weight: 0.12oz
  • 3 sizes soft silicon rubber ear pieces and 1 memory foam ear piece provided
  • Compact carrying case provided

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