Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Olivia: Fall in Love - Koini Ochite

Fall in Love - Koini Ochite - Olivia

Olivia: For Your Babies.

For Your Babies - Olivia

Simply Red: For Your Babies.

For Your Babies - Simply Red

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hong Kong's Electronics Golden Mile - Ap Liu Street (Aka Hong Kong's Akihabara)

Ap Liu Street in Kowloon, aka Apliu Street and also known as the Hong Kong Akihabara, is like a market place for electronics shopping and side stall flea market all at one location. It is located in Shamshuipo and you need to take the mass transit railway and get off at Shamshuipo station There are probably hundreds of stores on that street and the side streets connected to it. Then in the middle of the streets, there are stalls selling both new and pre-owned gear and junk (working and not working) as we as knock off electronics, hi-fi, headphones as well as legit. imported and Chinese made products . Here is a short list of the kind of products found in the Apliu Street:
  • audio equipment e.g. mixers, microphones;
  • amateur radio equipment (namely CQShop and Tung Shing);
  • automobile paraphernalia (specialty shops);
  • Backpacks (new);
  • camera lenses (used);
  • cameras (used);
  • cell phones (new / used);
  • clothing (new / used);
  • consumer electronics (new / used);
  • electrical appliances (used);
  • electronic parts (new);
  • fishing rods (new);
  • florescent light tube, different colors, shapes, and sizes (new);
  • hand tools (new / used);
  • handheld radios (FRS/ham/commercial/marine);
  • headphones and earphones (Real McCoys/Knock Offs/Chinese Brands);
  • hi-fi (new/used);
  • phones, wired or wireless (mobile/DECT/2.4GHz/5.6GHz -new / used);
  • photographic accessories (new);
  • pots and pans (used);
  • power tools (used);
  • radio-controlled toys (new);
  • remote controls for TV, hi-fi, air-conditioners (new/used);
  • satellite dishes and reception equipment (new);
  • security monitoring equipment (new);
  • telescopes and binoculars (new);
  • TV sets (used);
  • tripods and mono pods (new);
  • watches (new/used);
Whilst Akihabara in Tokyo has been shrinking in size in past years, Apliu Street in Hong Kong has been growing. It is a crowded place so keep your hand on your wallet and look after your valuables.

If you are making a purchase at on of the stalls along the street be prepared to do some haggling and you will get a price reduction.

A Word On Fake Headphones And Earphones.

So far I have not written anything on fake headphones in my blog. I have seen my fair share of fakes come out of China with branding such as Bose, Senn, V-moda, AKG, Audio Technica, Sony and Pioneer.

Inevitably if you are familar with the original product you would be able to spot the differences between the real and the fakes. As for sound quality, whilst sound quality on some of these fakes I have listened to are quite good in my opinion, they are still not the same as originals as the drivers and the materials are just not at all like the originals and performance will not be on a par.

Another way to spot a pair of fakes is the huge difference in price between the fake and the originals, you cannot expect that you are getting a genuine pair of headphones if you are paying on a fraction of the real price. Many of these fakes are being touted widely on ebay as the real Mcoy. So buyer beware, don't start making a big nosie and fuss if you paid under $50.00 for a pair of headsets that would cost well over $150.00. Let's face it, there just is no free lunch and you should not be so vain.

Even though we see so many knock offs emerging, I will take my hat off to those manaufacturers who are producing quality headphones and earbuds which are not knock offs and either have their own brand or in some cases no branding at very low prices. I have found some unknown headphones and earbuds selling for peanuts but the performance being in the upper price categories. Hi fives and kudos to those manufacturers who produce the high quality non-knock-offs at very economical prices.

But if you go and buy something cheap with a major brand name, I would not start to complain about your item being fake as you should really have known better. Just don't buy them if they seem unreasonably low priced. Just my 2 cents.

Handmade Wooden Stands And Case For The Ipod.

You have made and investment in the Ipod, do you want and elegant handcrafted wooden case or stand in Mahogany for you Ipod. If you like what you see, then Visit mjdinsmore site to browse and order one that tickles your fancy.

His site:http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5555644

I would think the cases would be suitable for other players having the same size and thickness as the Ipod.

Joan Baez: Diamonds And Rust.

Diamonds and Rust - Joan Baez

Everything But The Girl: I didn't know I was looking for love.

didnt know i was lookin for love - everything but the girl

Love Unlimited Orchestra - Love's Theme.

Loves Theme - The Love Unlimited Orchestra

Love Unlimited Orchestra - Love's Theme.

Yanni: Aria On Air.

Juanita Hall 's: South Pacific - Bali Hai.

Some Enchanted Evening - From South Pacific.

"You Belong to My Heart": Outtake from Sombrero

China's Disaster, Let Us Not Forget: Carry On Till Tomorrow.

China's Disaster, Let Us Not Forget: Carry On Till Tomorrow.

Ne-yo: Closer

Candy Staton: Young Hearts Run Free.

Young Hearts Run Free - Candi Staton

The Blow Monkeys - It Dosent Have To Be That Way.

It Doesnt Have To Be This Way (The Blow Monkeys) [www.emulesonic.com] - Varios

The Blow Monkeys - It Dosent Have To Be That Way.

Oregon Scientific WMR968 Complete Wireless Weather Station.

The place where I am living (QTH: OL72CM) is Fanling in the new Territories which is close to Ta Ku Leng, close to the border. Ta Ku Leng experiences some of the most dramatic climatic changes here in Hong Kong, with the highest and lowest temperatures all year round recorded in this area. When I moved in I installed a wireless weather station with all the instrumental sensors installed on my roof for checking on humidity, temperature, wind speed and direction as well as precipitation and pressure etc. The weather station I choose was the Oregon Scientific WRM-968 Professional Wireless Station which has also RS-232 output from the sleek console to download data to my computer. Oregon has a software bundle for this package.

The Oregon Scientific WMR-968 Professional Wireless Weather Station is a sophisticated weather monitoring system designed to meet the needs of both amateur and professional weather enthusiasts! This state-of-the-art complete weather station comes equipped with outdoor sensors that operate on solar power, providing for easy installation. Indoors, the large display touch-screen console and separate baro-thermo-hygrometer rounds out the system.

Easy to operate, the Oregon Scientific WMR968 wireless weather station features indoor and outdoor temperature/humidity, wind speed and direction, rainfall range and rate, barometric pressure, dew point, wind chill, time and weather alarms, and much more! These weather stations also have seven wireless channels and accept up to three additional sensors.



  • Manual set time/date
  • Hour and minute display
  • Weekday, date and month display
  • Simultaneous display of all weather information
  • Touch-screen display plus key button operation
  • Bright green HiGlo™ backlighting for easy night viewing
  • Wireless indoor temperature (ºF or ºC), humidity, and pressure (from remote) Can also display indoor dew point.
  • Wireless outdoor temperature (ºF or ºC) and humidity (solar powered sensor) Can also display outdoor dew point or wind chill temperature.
  • Display data from any one of up to three possible wireless outdoor temperature and humidity sensors
  • Minimum and maximum values for all measurements since last reset, including time and date of occurrence
  • Current barometric pressure (hPa or inHg)
  • Barometric pressure bar chart history (last 24 hours)
  • Weather forecast icon (sunny, partly cloudy, cloudy, rain)
  • 12-24 hour weather forecast within a 20 to 30 mile radius
  • Wireless self-emptying rain gauge (solar powered) tracking rainfall rate and amount for last 24 hours and total since last reset (inch or mm)
  • Wireless wind-gauge (solar powered) tracking wind speed and wind direction (km/h, m/s, mph, or knots)
  • Programmable alarm mode for time and certain weather conditions (up to 29 possible alarms)
  • Low-battery indicator
  • Main display unit powered by AC adapter and battery backup
  • Solar-powered remote sensors with battery backup (Ten foot long cable between solar panel and sensor)
  • Includes solar-powered rain gauge, anemometer, outdoor thermo-hygrometer, touch-screen display and indoor thermo-hygrometer
  • PC compatible (with optional RS-232 serial cable and software (not included)
  • Wall mount or free-standing (fold out stand)


  • Temperature range (indoor): 23 to 122°F (-5 to 50°C)
  • Temperature range: (outdoor): –58 to 158°F (-50 to 70°C)
  • Temperature resolution: 0.2°F (0.1°C)
  • Humidity range: 25% to 90%
  • Humidity resolution: 1%
  • Dew point range (indoor): 23 to 122°F (-5°C to 50°C)
  • Dew point range: (outdoor): 14 to 140°F (-10 to 60°C)
  • Dew point resolution: 2°F (1°C)
  • Wind chill range: -61.6 to 140°F (-52 to 60°C)
  • Wind chill resolution: 2°F (1°C)
  • Barometric air pressure range: 17.72 to 31.01 inHg
    (600 to 1050 mb)
  • Air pressure resolution: 0.03 inHg (1 mb)
  • Temperature/Humidity/Pressure Measuring interval: 180 seconds
  • Wind speed range: 0 to 125.3 mph (0 to 56 m/s)
  • Wind speed resolution: 0.4 mph (0.2 m/s) (typical)
  • Wind direction range: 0° to 359° (Degrees)
  • Wind direction digital resolution: 1° (typical)
  • Wind direction graphical resolution: 10°
  • Wind speed/direction measuring interval: 14 seconds
  • Rainfall range: 0 to 393.7 in (0 to 9999 mm)
  • Rainfall rate: 0 to 393.7 in/hr (0 to 9999 mm/hr)
  • Rainfall range resolution: 0.04 in (1 mm)
  • Rainfall rate resolution: 0.04 in/hr (1 mm/hr) typical
  • Rainfall measurement: 0.01 inches per tip of bucket
  • Rainfall range accuracy (<15>
  • Rainfall rate accuracy (15 to 99 mm/hr): ±5% error
  • Rainfall measuring interval: 47 seconds
  • Power requirements (base): AC Adapter with 4 AA Alkaline batteries for backup
  • Power requirements (indoor sensor): 4 AAA Alkaline batteries
  • Power requirements (outdoor sensors): Solar powered with 2 AA Alkaline batteries for backup
  • Battery life: approximately 12 months
  • Transmission frequency band: 433 MHz
  • Transmission range: up to about 330 feet in open air


  • Base receiver: 8.1" x 5.5" x 1.5"
    (204mm x 139mm x 39mm)

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Dave Koz: Nothing But The Radio On.

Dave Koz: You Make Me Smile.

Official MV:

Live Video:

Dave Koz "You Make Me Smile" feat. Jeff Lorber:

Stan Getz Quartet - Desafinado, Girl from Ipanema

Ágnes Vanilla - Valaki más (Ugyanaz a szív)

Unique - Itt vagy

Come Rain Come Shine (Two Versions).

Jenn Cuneta:

Tata Young:

China Dolls: Khon Naa Maw (Thai Song Video).

China Dolls: Khon Naa Maw (Thai Song).

Khon Naa Mor - China Dolls

Will Smith: Men In Black.

Men in Black - Will Smith

Santana - Sadao Watanabe - Europa (HQ audio)


Candy Dulfer: Lily Was Here.

Wooden Cans: Unknown Chinese Wooden Earphones.

Saturday morning strolls though the hi-fi shops in nearby Shenzhen, one will be particularly lost if you are in one of the speciality shops that sell headphones, earbuds, portable amps. etc. It's just like being a kid in a candy store. There are just so many headphones and earbuds that your mind just cannot come to terms with. Inevitably these stores will separate the legit, the look alikes with known branding and less then legit and lastly the no branding or Chinese branding headphones and earbuds.

Well many Saturdays ago, I was in just one of these shops looking around the Chinese made earbuds and was looking at a pair that had the outer shell made of wood (the sign said that it was Teak?). Then this shop assistant comes up to me and begins to tout them saying "Very good, Chinese JBL Pro Standard", of course I thought this was typical hype.

He continued - "Try, try, you like", so I guessed what the heck and asked him to plug them in. I listened to them through a Little Dot Mk 1 which was connected to a Sony CD player and placed a Scott Hamilton saxophone CD which I had in my bag and pressed play. Immediately I was so drawn into the pace of the music produced by these wooden cans, it was unbelievable, the highs were so crisp and clear, so much detail could be heard. The sound stage was so well defined and not too large or small and seemed just right. My only feeling was the bass extension was slightly less then norm but quite frankly more then adequate.

The shop assistant then proceeded to produce a real pair of JBL earbuds and also a pair of Shure earbuds and let me compare the three pairs. I just could not believe it, the wooden buds beat them all and it was basically no contest. So I asked him, how much for these wooden so called Chinese JBL Pro earbuds. He told me the price and it blew me away, take a guess? No idea, they were $5.00. Who could argue, so I took away two pairs. These are some of the best stock earbuds in my collection which consistently blow the $150 plus cans out of the water. In fact they look a little like the JVC HP-FX500, except the JVC use a different type of wood which is much darker and retail for about US$130.00. All I can say is amazing, and worthwhile spending the $10.00.

We shall be seeing more and more high quality Chinese earphones and headphones emerging in the near future. I don't really care if there is any branding or not, it's the quality the leaves you bewildered. Not much on specs, very brief:

Specs wise:

104 dB/1mW
from 8Hz to 28kHz
drivers are 9mm
weight 7.5 grams

Friday, September 26, 2008

iQube portable headphone amplifier- World's Only Class D Amplifier.

Inside the iQube:

Oregon Scientific Music Element.

The music element Style-Fi system with NXT speakers that I am using in my bedroom.

Zen X-Fi

Creative X-Fi Xmod.

Manufacturer's Description:

Your Music. Way Better.

Why settle for basic, built-in sound from your stereo speakers or headphones? Get ready to turn all of your MP3s into your own personal concert and hear your movies in virtual surround sound. Immerse yourself in audio that surrounds you.

Instant Xtreme Fidelity
This little device packs a big punch, and it's always ready. 100% plug-and-play, there are no drivers or software to install. Connect instantly to your notebook, PC or Mac, or even your MP3 player. It's that easy to get Xtreme Fidelity sound for crystal clarity and amazing surround sound.

Stunning surround sound from your stereo speakers
Now, you can enjoy virtual surround sound through your stereo speakers with the Creative Xmod. Expand your stereo MP3 music and digital movies. Voices are centered in front of you. Ambient sound appears all around you... just like a live performance.

A headphone experience that's more immersive than ever
Hear the difference even with headphones. X-Fi CMSS-3D expands music from your headphones outwards, so that it sounds like you're surrounded by multiple virtual speakers. You'll feel like you're sitting in with your favorite band, or that you've been dropped into the best seat in the movie theater.

Minimum System Requirements:

PC Requirements

  • Windows XP (Service pack 2, x64 Edition or Media Center Edition)
  • Intel Pentium® III (1GHz or equivalent) or AMD Processor
  • 256 MB RAM
  • Available USB port

X-Fi Website: http://www.x-fi.com/

Xmod Demo: http://www.x-fi.com/videodemo/crystalizer.asp

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Nu Virgos (Viagra): Till The Morning Light (Original)

Nu Virgos (Viagra): Till The Morning Light.

Till The Morning Light - Nu Virgos

Mary Hopkin: Goodbye

Goodbye - Mary Hopkin

Earphones: Sony MDR-EX90.

The SONY MDR-EX90 earphones are noise-isolating earphones with awesome, stereo sound. Street price is US$89.00 per pair. The major critical difference between this earphone and the others in the Sony MDR-EX series is the size of the drivers. This earphone uses 13.5 mm drivers, whilst the MDR-EX81, MDR-EX71 and MDR-EX51 all use 9 mm drivers.

Larger sized drivers yields distinct improvements in sound clarity, and greater efficiency.with lower drive levels. These earphones are rated at 106 dB/mW whereas all the ones with the 9 mm drivers are rated only at 100 dB/mW ( a 6 dB improvement!). With about 3dB we would all hear a clear difference in the volume level.Testing out the earphones the human voice came out more naturally and I could hear deeper bass and clearer highs with more overtones and longer resonances. The mid range is sweet and listening to saxophone was particularly enjoyable. The highs are crisp and not shrill and the lows are deep and rich. The in canal ear buds are very comfortable and do not hurt after protracted periods unlike some others.

The use of 13.5mm drivers gives IMHO gives far better dynamic range and significantly better bass extension besides delivering more natural sounds.

They are in my opinion, a better buy than the Etymotic ER6 which I have listened to.The rubber is softer and much more comfortable than the Etymotics which always end up irritating my ear canal to no end. The MDR-EX90's produced warmer, more pleasant sounds then my Shure or Eytomotic earbuds when compared.


Type: Closed, dynamic
Driver Units: 13.5 mm (CCAW adopted), dome type
Power Handling Capacity: 200mW (IEC)
Impedance: 16 ohms at 1kHz
Sensitivity: 106dB/mW
Frequency Response: 5 - 25000 Hz
Cord: 1.2m, Oxygen Free Copper litz cord
Plug: Gold-plated, L-shaped stereo mini plug
Weight: 7 g (without cord)

Technical Details

  • Stylish and convenient stereo headphones
  • Neodymium magnets deliver excellent sound; 13.5 mm driver offers wider dynamic range
  • Metal housings cut vibration
  • Three sizes of earbuds included to fit your ears
  • Hard leather case holds your headphones; 1.2 meter cord for ease of use

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Levenger Solid Cherry Pen Stand & Ink Well.

Available from Levenger is this beautiful Cherry wood pen stand with ink well for US$38.00. Any serious writer should have one gracing their desk.

Fun Cans: Japan's Zumreed Mag Lite Earphones.

Introducing the Japanese Zumreed Mag Lite collection portable earphones in ultra stylish colors and retro design. Perhaps one of the most stylish budget earphones. Large earpiece makes this earphone speak loudly in retro fashion. Ultra chic colors and design. Zumreed earphones and headphone are little know outside Japan, let's hope that changes and we see more of the Zumreed products. Zumreed is the brand name whilst the people behind Zumreed are Dreams Inc.

2008 Amateur Radio Festival in Tokyo.

Profile On Coca Cola.

Zune 80 GB Digital Media Player (2nd Generation) Review

See all MP3 Players & Accessories reviews at Expotv.com

Beyerdynamic DT-880 Semi-Open Stereo Headphones Video Review

Why Buy A New Car When You Could Have A ATG Javelin

The Verve - Bitter Sweet Symphony In The Park 2008


Danni Carlos: Coisas que eu sei.

Friday, September 19, 2008

News On New "ETA" of FiiO E5 Headphone Amplifier.

ETA of FiiO E5:

Dear steven:

The E5 will be available before november! so far ,all is ok, and we are testing the sample now!



James Zhong

So now we have the ETA!

If music be the food of Love, Play on...

William Shakespeare

Digital Cable: Silver GHz Teflon 75Ohm COAX with Canare True 75Ohm RCA

I have made up a Digital interconnect using a 2 foot length of Silver GHz Teflon 75 Ohm Coaxial and terminated with two Canare True 75Ohm impedance RCA plugs on each end for use as my main DAC interconnect. Canare are the only company that manufacture true 75Ohm RCA connectors specifically aimed for proper matching of digital signalling applications. The Canare RCA details are as follows:

  • Standard 75 ohm construction; Crimp Pin & Sleeve
  • DC to 200MHz; >26dB Return Loss (<1.1>
  • Absolutely No Soldering Required
  • Assembly Time Reduced by 80%
  • Superior cable pull strength
  • Internal Pressure Contact Fingers
  • Gold plated center Shaft
  • Easy Assembly using Canare Strip & Crimp Tools
  • Operating temperature -20 to +60 degrees Celsius
  • Multimedia Patchcords
  • Hi-Res Video Monitors
  • SPDIF Digital Audio
  • Duplication Decks
  • VCR and Camcorders
  • Audio Digital Interconnects
  • Home Theater Installations

Dedicated 3.5mm Source to Headamp Cable: Yarbo Audiophile Cable with 3.5mm to 3.5mm Stereo Plugs.

For the Source and portable headphone amplifier interconnect I use a very substantial cable called the Yarbo Audiophile SY-211OL which 1 m long and is terminated at both end swith very high standard gold plated 3.5mm stereo plugs. Cable diameter is about the same as a AAA battery. Of course with this cable the best audio signal transfer is obtained.

You can vist Yarbo Audiophile Cables at: http://www.yarboaudiophile.com/english/index.php

Monster Cable StereoLink Home (7 ft)

To interface my portable MP3/4 players, portable CD and DVD to my fixed home components such as table top headphone amplifiers I use a Monster Cable StereoLink Home cable which has a stereo 3.4mm plug on one end and two RCA plugs on the other. I have tried the run of the mill y type cables with such plug configurations and found loss of detail and the music sounded pale and bland. The StereoLink restored vital music information. US$29.95

Monster Cable StereoLink Home (7 ft)

  1. Connects your PORTABLE SOURCE to your home stereo`s left/right stereo audio inputs
  2. Conveniently plugs into PORTABLE SOURCE headphone jack
  3. Extra-long 7ft. (2.13m) cable for the most convenient placement of your PORTABLE SOURCE
  4. 24k gold contact Turbine design connectors for maximum signal transfer
  5. DoubleHelix construction with dual tightly twisted conductors rejects EMI and RF interference
  6. Duraflex jacket for easier routing and enhanced protection
Manufacturer's Description
Enjoy Your Portable Player on Your Home Stereo
Turn your home stereo into a digital jukebox with all your favorite music. It`s as easy as connecting your portable player to your home stereo and speaker system with Monster(R) StereoLink(TM) Home. Instantly access and enjoy all of your favorite songs and artists in full, room-filling stereo sound.

Superior Monster Construction for Superior Sound
Monster StereoLink incorporates advanced Monster construction and technology for the highest quality sound from your portable player and home stereo. DoubleHelix(TM) construction and dual "balanced conductors reject noise and interference for clearer highs and fuller bass. Plus, 24k gold contacts maximize signal transfer for the clarity and detail you expect in your music, whether you`re kickin` back or rockin` out with friends.

Full Size Cans: Sony MDR-V900 Studio Monitor.

The Sony MDR V900 Studio Monitor Headphones are no longer in production, but some of these headphones are still available if you do a search on the web. Originally priced around $150, they are now going for under US$100 and are considered a good buy. There are variants to the V900, so make sure that you are getting the Studio Monitor. There is one version which is even more up market known as the MDR-V900HD which is even still available via Sony at over US$250.00.

The frequency response for the Studio Monitors are quite wide - 5 Hz ~ 30KHz, some people have commented that there is a slight booming of bass around 70-80Hz. In reality the Studio Monitors are quite flat and allot is depends on the "quality" of the source equipment. The headphones are very comfortable and the sound reproduction from them is excellent. Bass and treble extensions are dealt with quite well and the headphones score a 4.3 out of 5.

Manufacturer's Description:

Designed and engineered for High End Applications, Sony's MDR-V900 Studio Monitor Series Stereo Headphones are right for you. Features include: Circum-Aural Earcup Design, a Large, an Aura-Nomic Design 50mm Driver Unit, an Oxygen-Free Copper Voice Coil, Reversible Earcups, a Cushioned Headband, a Concealed, Single-Sided Class 1 LC-OFC Coiled Cord, and Super High Power Handling Capacity. Listen to the sound of quality with the MDR-V900.

Studio Monitor Series Headphones

incorporates state-of-the art engineering design to produce excellent sound quality and wearing comfort to accommodate high end consumer or professional applications.

Circum-Aural Earcup Design

in the natural shape of the human ear positions the driver unit at a correct distance from the ear canal and creates a sealed resonance chamber over the earlobe itself, reducing pressure on the ear for a more comfortable fit, especially during extended listening sessions

50mm Aura-Nomic Designed Driver Unit

is positioned within the earcup at an angle which directly corresponds to the angle of the opening of the ear canal for the most natural listening experience possible

Neodymium Magnet

is small, yet five times more powerful than a ferrite magnet of comparable size, to provide a better headphone without increasing the overall size and weight of the driver unit; The stronger the magnet used to provide the return energy of the voice coil and diaphragm, the more accurate the driver unit will be in reproducing the entire sound spectrum

Oxygen-Free Copper Voice Coil

construction provides exceptionally high power handling capability of up to 3,000mW

Amorphous Diamond Evaporated Diaphragm

stiffen the drivers to maximize their tonal qualities while minimizing additional weight for much more natural sound

Folding Design

with supplied carrying case offers the convenience of easier portability

Reversible Earcups

for Single-Side Monitoring to let vocalists and musicians hear external surrounding sounds naturally while simultaneously listening through one side of the headphones

Cushioned Headband

adds to wearing comfort and a better overall fit

Concealed, Single-Sided Cord

extends to nearly 10 ft. without getting in the way when you're closer to the source

Class 1 Oxygen-Free Copper (LC-OFC) Connecting Cord

is highly conductive for maximum signal transmission with the lowest possible signal noise or distortion

Gold-Plated Stereo Unimatch® Plug Adaptor

with built-in self-cleaning permits use with standard 1/4" jacks on hi-fi components or stereo mini jacks on personal audio products; screw-type design for a more secure connection; gold plating maximizes contact efficiency to help prevent sound deterioration after many years of use

MDR V900 Studio Monitor Specifications

  • Cord Length : 9.8 ft. (3m) extended
  • Driver Unit : 50mm diameter with oxygen-free voice coil and neodymium magnet
  • Frequency Response : 5Hz - 30kHz
  • Impedance : 24 ohms
  • Maximum Power Handling Capacity : 3,000mW
  • Plug : Gold-plated stereo UniMatch plug, self-cleaning screw-type design
  • Rated Power : 1,000mW
  • Sensitivity : 107dB/mW
  • Type : Dynamic closed-type with circum-aural design

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Fun Cans: Audio Technica ATH-ON3 Portable Headphones.

The Audio Technica Onto ATH-ON3 Portable cans were originally purchased for the purpose of using them for use on my transceiver for late night chats because they were small, uncomplicated and easy to use. But testing them I found that they were quite a like able set of headphones for portable use also on my daily commutes and easy to store. sound is also quite decent and bass response is quite good going down to 12Hz. The sound stage is actually quite wide with these cans. The price is quite low also at around US$19.00 and they come in a large selection of colours. I found the lime green with brown ear pads to be quite attractive so opted for this color.

  • ATH-ON3 Specifications
  • Type Dynamic
    Driver Diameter 30 mm
    Magnet Neodymium
    Frequency Response 12 ~ 23,000Hz
    Maximum Input Power 100 mW
    Sensitivity 102 dB/mW
    Impedance 32 ohms
    Weight 32 g
    Cable 1.2m Y-type
    Connector Ø3.5mm mini-stereo, gold-plated
    Colour ATH-ON3 LGR (Lime Green)

    News On New FiiO E5 Headphone Amplifier.

    News direct from FiiO factory on the E5 sent to me by PM today. Recharge batteries included, metal case for better RFI Shielding (No photos at present time though) and under $20:

    Dear Steven:
    Thanks for your interesting in our E5, the detail information now are available in head-fi, you may read the thread! and about the retail price, I can tell you what would happen in china mainland market, it will be about 16USD , but about the oversea market or ebay, consider of the shipping cost, I can't tell you the price!

    So, you can see ,the price is very reasonable for a metal case , with a MCU controller inside, rechargerable-battery, and upgrade sound quality!

    Also, we are thinking about maybe we can develop a desktop DAC with headphone output, digital amp , so those people like music can uses laptop PC/mini PC as a digital music source! of course, We will keep the price in a reasonable price level!

    Thanks and best regards!


    James Zhong (FiiO)

    They are also thinking about a DAC unit version, would that be the E7?

    If music be the food of Love, Play on...

    William Shakespeare

    Wednesday, September 17, 2008

    Modifying The Koss PortaPro Headphones.

    I am not going to make an introduction to the Koss PortaPro Headphones as most Head-Fi buffs worth their salt would already know about these portable headphones already and most likely own a pair in their arsenal of of headphones. But quite briefly they have been around since Adam was a boy and the retro styling has remained the same and is almost timeless. They are famous for being able to deliver punchy bass for a set of very light weight headphones, others have tried and died! You can check out the Cnet video I posted earlier in the month on an introduction to the PortaPro heaphones.

    What I have always hated with these sets is the el-cheapo foam pads which they use for ear pads, they are uncomfortable and do not last very long. So today after work I decided I would go and buy some leatherette type ear pads and fit them to the PortaPro replacing the el-cheapos! So here are the pics of the conversion, before and after:

    Photo 1 above: The new leatherette pads before insertion.

    Photo 2 above: The Koss PortaPro's with the el-cheapo foam pads before removal.

    Photo 3 above: The Koss PortaPro's with the new ear pads in place.

    With the conversion my ears don't hurt as much using the PortaPro headphones and the end result also provides better external sound isolation making the whole listening experience much better then using the el-cheapo foam pads. There is less sound leakage and therefore I am hearing also more detail at lower volume levels then before.

    Fun Cans: Cans In A Can

    The following earbuds have no maker's name or model to go by and they were given to me as a gift.

    There are even no specifications except that the frequency response is from 20Hz to 20,000Hz and that is it. I was told that they retail across the border from here (10 mins. on the MTR east route rail to Shenzhen) for only US$6.28.

    As for sound quality, they are slightly better then a pair of stock ipod buds but I would say are in the vanilla category.

    The packaging is another story and is as cute as can be, I really don't think I will be using them for any serious listening but they are quite a nice fun pair of cans in a can for packaging. So I have named them "Cans in a can" for obvious reasons. A nice novelty and conversation piece over coffee with some head-fi friends.

    Tuesday, September 16, 2008

    Full Size Cans: Pioneer HDJ-1000

    Well what can I say about the Pioneer HDJ-1000 full sized cans, they have unbeatable sound, great comfort maybe not, lightweight no/foldable for storage/travel yes. The phones were designed for professional DJ use. The price range is around US$150 to US$170 for a pair so you need to really shop around and get the best price.

    Apart from the great ambiance, sound stage, air and timbre recreated by these cans, the full impact of the music can be rendered like recreating a masterpiece painting in your ears and not before your eyes. The down size is that I consider them bulky and uncomfortable for protracted periods of listening. They do win hands down on the sound isolation department and cut out outside noise. I do use these for mixing and burning of CD tracks. These belong in the winners arena.

    Out of a 5 I will give these cans 4.7 rating, deductions for not being comfortable for long durations. The bass impact is incredible on these headphones sinking in deep into the lower registers and holding tight all the way without feeling muddy. A real sonic experience, the mid range is so utterly sweet and refined.

    General Specifications:

    • Manufacturer :Pioneer
    • Model Number:HDJ-1000
    • Product Type Headphones
    • Weight 9.5 oz
    • Additional Features Gold-plated plug


    • Headphones Type Headphones - Binaural
    • Headphones Form Factor Ear-cup
    • Headphones Technology Dynamic
    • Connectivity Technology Wired
    • Sound Output Mode Stereo
    • Response Bandwidth 5 - 30000 Hz
    • Impedance 40 Ohm
    • Diaphragm 2 in
    • High power input (3,000mW) for monitoring a high level of sound, and a hermetically sealed body with high sound-insulating ability.

    Entry Level Headphones: JVC HA - RX 300

    I have been asked by some friends about what would be a good pair of entry level full sized headphones to consider. So today I wish to talk about my JVC (Japan Victor Company) HA - RX 300 full sized dynamic earphones. I have not seen much talk about these headphones, but they are worth a mention as they are light weight, well designed and exhibit a very good bass and mid range response, upper ranges does not stand out and glare. These headphones are easy on the ears and are great for general easy listening.

    These are definitely a pair of cans for those starting at entry level at around US$18.00 on the web, the design and looks are good and the sound is definitely a 4.3 rating out of 5 for a pair of low priced range cans. A difficult act to beat.

    So what are the disadvantages, there is slight coloration in the middle and lower registers (I would expect this as normal for cans in this price range), but hey remember we are talking about a pair of great looking entry level cans for the starter at under US$20.00 who wants something sleek, good looking easy to use and great for general music listening.

    Manufacturer's product description:

    The HA-RX300 is JVC's new high quality full size headphones which features Ear Direct Structure with inclined driver unit for more direct transmission of powerful sound to ear drums. It also features Twist Action Structure for more comfortable listening style. It comes with large 40mm high quality driver unit and has sleek piano black finish.

    General Specifications:

    Model: JVC HA-RX300
    Product Type: Headphones
    Weight: 6.8 oz

    Recommended Use: Home audio system, portable audio system

    Additional Features: Gold-plated plug

    Headphones Type: Headphones - binaural

    Headphones Form Factor: Ear-cup

    Connectivity Technology: Wired
    Output Mode: Stereo

    Response Bandwidth: 12 - 22000 Hz

    Sensitivity: 100 dB/mW

    Impedance: 32 Ohm

    Diaphragm: 1.6 in

    • Ear-direct structure with inclined unit for powerful sound.
    • Twist action structure for more comfort during prolonged use
    Visit the JVC Site where you can also order them: http://av.jvc.com/product.jsp?modelId=MODL028043&pathId=102&page=1

    Further up the scale in the JVC series is the HA - RX5oo which is up the range at US$30.00, see below: