Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hong Kong's Electronics Golden Mile - Ap Liu Street (Aka Hong Kong's Akihabara)

Ap Liu Street in Kowloon, aka Apliu Street and also known as the Hong Kong Akihabara, is like a market place for electronics shopping and side stall flea market all at one location. It is located in Shamshuipo and you need to take the mass transit railway and get off at Shamshuipo station There are probably hundreds of stores on that street and the side streets connected to it. Then in the middle of the streets, there are stalls selling both new and pre-owned gear and junk (working and not working) as we as knock off electronics, hi-fi, headphones as well as legit. imported and Chinese made products . Here is a short list of the kind of products found in the Apliu Street:
  • audio equipment e.g. mixers, microphones;
  • amateur radio equipment (namely CQShop and Tung Shing);
  • automobile paraphernalia (specialty shops);
  • Backpacks (new);
  • camera lenses (used);
  • cameras (used);
  • cell phones (new / used);
  • clothing (new / used);
  • consumer electronics (new / used);
  • electrical appliances (used);
  • electronic parts (new);
  • fishing rods (new);
  • florescent light tube, different colors, shapes, and sizes (new);
  • hand tools (new / used);
  • handheld radios (FRS/ham/commercial/marine);
  • headphones and earphones (Real McCoys/Knock Offs/Chinese Brands);
  • hi-fi (new/used);
  • phones, wired or wireless (mobile/DECT/2.4GHz/5.6GHz -new / used);
  • photographic accessories (new);
  • pots and pans (used);
  • power tools (used);
  • radio-controlled toys (new);
  • remote controls for TV, hi-fi, air-conditioners (new/used);
  • satellite dishes and reception equipment (new);
  • security monitoring equipment (new);
  • telescopes and binoculars (new);
  • TV sets (used);
  • tripods and mono pods (new);
  • watches (new/used);
Whilst Akihabara in Tokyo has been shrinking in size in past years, Apliu Street in Hong Kong has been growing. It is a crowded place so keep your hand on your wallet and look after your valuables.

If you are making a purchase at on of the stalls along the street be prepared to do some haggling and you will get a price reduction.

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