Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Word On Fake Headphones And Earphones.

So far I have not written anything on fake headphones in my blog. I have seen my fair share of fakes come out of China with branding such as Bose, Senn, V-moda, AKG, Audio Technica, Sony and Pioneer.

Inevitably if you are familar with the original product you would be able to spot the differences between the real and the fakes. As for sound quality, whilst sound quality on some of these fakes I have listened to are quite good in my opinion, they are still not the same as originals as the drivers and the materials are just not at all like the originals and performance will not be on a par.

Another way to spot a pair of fakes is the huge difference in price between the fake and the originals, you cannot expect that you are getting a genuine pair of headphones if you are paying on a fraction of the real price. Many of these fakes are being touted widely on ebay as the real Mcoy. So buyer beware, don't start making a big nosie and fuss if you paid under $50.00 for a pair of headsets that would cost well over $150.00. Let's face it, there just is no free lunch and you should not be so vain.

Even though we see so many knock offs emerging, I will take my hat off to those manaufacturers who are producing quality headphones and earbuds which are not knock offs and either have their own brand or in some cases no branding at very low prices. I have found some unknown headphones and earbuds selling for peanuts but the performance being in the upper price categories. Hi fives and kudos to those manufacturers who produce the high quality non-knock-offs at very economical prices.

But if you go and buy something cheap with a major brand name, I would not start to complain about your item being fake as you should really have known better. Just don't buy them if they seem unreasonably low priced. Just my 2 cents.

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