Saturday, September 13, 2008

Headphone Amplifier: The Little Dot MK 1

What is astounding about The Little Dot MK I is the ultra low noise and distortion specs., Total Harmonic Distortion is rated at 0.001% for a 32 ohm load running at 100 mW.

The Little Dot MK I is the successor to the highly-regarded Little Dot Micro+ portable headphone amplifier and wins its predecessor in every aspect of sound quality imaginable. Employing the much heralded LM4564 op-amp (placed in socket) along-side the Texas Instrument's TPA6120 amplifier chip to make up an exceptional circuit design, The Little Dot MK I provides audiophile sound-quality in a small amplifier footprint. Powered by an integrated, rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery, The Little Dot MK I frees provides up to 20 hours of playback time per charge!

The construction is impeccable, the outer case made of aluminium with a distinctive two tone finish making it also very stylish.

Technical Specifications:

  • --National Semiconductor LM4562 High-Fidelity Op-Amp for superior audio fidelity and ultra-low noise and distortion
  • --Socketed 8-pin Op-Amp design for easy user replacement and "op-amp" rolling
  • --Texas Instrument TPA6120 Headphone Amplifier Circuit
  • --4x 500mA/H 3.7v Rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery
  • --Approximately 20 hours battery life per charge
  • --Frequency response: 10 hz~200 Khz (-1dB)--THD+N: @ 0.001% (32 ohms, 100mW)
  • --Recommended Load Impedance: 8 ohm~600 ohm
  • --Power Output:
30 mW @ 600 ohm
60 mW @ 300 ohm
150 mW @ 120 ohm
500 mW @ 32 ohm

  • --User Adjustable Variable Gain: 2, 4, and 8x, switch on back of amp.
  • --18V AC Charger for recharging and/or power supply for home use
  • --Dimensions (Metric): 95 mm length by 70 mm width by 24 mm height
  • --Dimensions (American): 3.74 inches length by 2.75 inches width by 0.95 inches height
  • --Weight: 192g or 0.42 lbs (including battery, not including AC Charger 100V--250V 50-60Hz)

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