Friday, September 12, 2008

5.1 Surround Sound Headphone Amplifier and Headphones: Sony MDR-DS1000

The package offers exceptional value for money, you get a 5.1 decoder headphone amplifier and a pair of fairly decent Sony cans. There is an optical cable supplied also for the surround digital signal input and you must use the optical input on the rear if you are to experience the 5.1 decoding. However analog input is still provided and you can still utilize it as a an straight analog headphone amplifier if you are a die hard stereo user. The Sony cans are actually quite a decent sounding pair of cans with a frequency response of 12Hz ~ 22,000Hz. The amplifier/decoder module takes it power straight from the mains, no battery operation, so you can forget about using it for any portable use. There are two sets of outputs, so you could plug in your favourite set of cans to use if you wish.

The amplifier (DP-1000) runs on 9V DC and Sony supplies a wall wart for the job, but those among you who can hold a soldering iron may be able to make a better and quieter power supply for the amplifier. Amplifier case is plastic, but nicely done (cost cutting exercise). There is also a -8dB Att. switch next to the analog audio socket on the back. My DP-1000 is two tone, white case and charcoal gray fascia - as this is the Japanese market version. US and EU version would most likely be the straight charcoal gray for case and fascia.

The MDR-DS1000 is Sony's all-new, Special-Edition, digital surround headphone system. Featuring Sony`s Virtual Phones Technology(TM), this headphone system creates exciting home entertainment with crisp, clear dialogue and dramatic sound effects.

The included headphone amplifier decoder module has power and volume controls, two headphone jacks and supports Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro Logic II and DTS audio sources.

The MDR-XD050 Cans are also not of substantial build (another cost cutting exercise) but are good enough and nice and light weight and actually comfortable to wear, will not tire you out after a period of listening. The tonal quality is good as would be expected from Sony.

This package is indeed a keeper.

Want to learn more about it, you can download the users manual in pdf format at the following location:



  • Ferrite


  • Wide, Adjustable


  • Over-the-head, Home-Surround Sound

Type of Use

  • Home


  • Nickel, stereo mini plug

Frequency Response

  • 12Hz - 22,000Hz


  • 100dB/mW


  • 16 ohms

Driver Unit

  • 40mm


  • 3.5m

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