Monday, September 15, 2008

Earphones: Philips SHE9800/27 Professional Series Noise Isolation In-Ear Earphones

General Description:

One of the things different about this model is that has the ability of a tilt of 15 degrees to give you a more custom fit. Why is this important? Simply put, giving you a more custom fit it will let you block outside noises from getting in and ruin your listening pleasure. By having this feature you will also be able to listen at much lower levels thus help protect your hearing as well and give you a better listening experience as well. As a Head-Fi nut I should stress that you should also try to limit your listening periods to a maximum of 45 minutes each time anyway. It is said to also have a sound stage enhancer (Marketing hype?) , which makes the sound quality sound even better than before, you be the judge? In the package you get three types of earphone plugs with this model. If you are like me you want a good custom fit so you can enjoy your music than this a very important factor to bear in mind.

Sound quality is something that we always want to make sure we get the best we possibly can from our source equipment and media and every link in the chain cannot be overlooked. The earphones have a rich bass sound and well rounded musical spectrum will make your listening enjoyable. Phillips has always been well known for their great sounding CD players which have bee the standard by which others have been measured, now they have transferred that expertize into these earphones, which I really like a lot. It has a very wide range also and comes in a carrying pouch which has a take up spool for the cable (something they learnt from Technics?) to make it truly portable. Not one of these cheap carry pouches which other manufacturers offer, my thumbs up to Philips for giving this aspect some thought.

The Philips SHE9800/27 Professional Series Noise Isolation In-Ear earphones has many great things going for it especially if you are looking to upgrade your factory set in-ear earphones. which are usually very poor excuses for earphones (I wish manufacturers would get with it and supply some decent can with the CD and MP3/4 players they sell). Getting the Philips SHE9800/27 Professional Series Noise Isolation In-Ear Earphones will be a good choice, they retail for about US$90.00. They are no where near the class and grade of my Shure E4c, but then there is also a very big price difference.

The Philips SHE9850 headphones are targeted for jazz music, rhythm & blues enthusiasts and/or classical music lovers, hence my interest. Combining high definition speaker drivers and precise acoustical tuning, the result is crisp, detailed and transparent sound, with extended precision that conveys even the subtlest nuances in music to the casual listener.

The unit is supplied in-box silicon ear caps, the SHE9850 also comes with 'Comply™ Canal Tip' memory foam sleeves which change themselves to the shape of the user's ears for a custom fit! Made from soft recovery foam, they provide exceptional comfort and noise isolation.

Some Features:

Sound Stage Enhancer Design Modifies The Conventional Headphone Structure Producing A Wider Sound Stage Effect (you be the judge?);

Powerful Microdrivers Deliver The Widest Freq Range Possible;

Philips Ilab Acoustic Tuning Yields Deep & Powerful Sound Angled Acoustics Design Provides Exceptional Noise Isolation;

Symmetrical Cables Come In Equal Lengths To Avoid Tangle;

Durable Flexi-Grip Makes A Strong Flexible Cable Connection;

Includes 3 Sizes (S, M, L) Of Ultra-Soft Silicon Caps To Ensure An Ideal Fit;

Includes Durable Carrying Pouch & Cable Management Solution (this is a nice thought!).


Impedance 16 ohm at akHz
Sensitivity 106 dB
Maximum power input 50mW
Diaphragm Mylar dome
Frequency response 12- 22k Hz
Type Dynamic


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