Thursday, September 25, 2008

Earphones: Sony MDR-EX90.

The SONY MDR-EX90 earphones are noise-isolating earphones with awesome, stereo sound. Street price is US$89.00 per pair. The major critical difference between this earphone and the others in the Sony MDR-EX series is the size of the drivers. This earphone uses 13.5 mm drivers, whilst the MDR-EX81, MDR-EX71 and MDR-EX51 all use 9 mm drivers.

Larger sized drivers yields distinct improvements in sound clarity, and greater efficiency.with lower drive levels. These earphones are rated at 106 dB/mW whereas all the ones with the 9 mm drivers are rated only at 100 dB/mW ( a 6 dB improvement!). With about 3dB we would all hear a clear difference in the volume level.Testing out the earphones the human voice came out more naturally and I could hear deeper bass and clearer highs with more overtones and longer resonances. The mid range is sweet and listening to saxophone was particularly enjoyable. The highs are crisp and not shrill and the lows are deep and rich. The in canal ear buds are very comfortable and do not hurt after protracted periods unlike some others.

The use of 13.5mm drivers gives IMHO gives far better dynamic range and significantly better bass extension besides delivering more natural sounds.

They are in my opinion, a better buy than the Etymotic ER6 which I have listened to.The rubber is softer and much more comfortable than the Etymotics which always end up irritating my ear canal to no end. The MDR-EX90's produced warmer, more pleasant sounds then my Shure or Eytomotic earbuds when compared.


Type: Closed, dynamic
Driver Units: 13.5 mm (CCAW adopted), dome type
Power Handling Capacity: 200mW (IEC)
Impedance: 16 ohms at 1kHz
Sensitivity: 106dB/mW
Frequency Response: 5 - 25000 Hz
Cord: 1.2m, Oxygen Free Copper litz cord
Plug: Gold-plated, L-shaped stereo mini plug
Weight: 7 g (without cord)

Technical Details

  • Stylish and convenient stereo headphones
  • Neodymium magnets deliver excellent sound; 13.5 mm driver offers wider dynamic range
  • Metal housings cut vibration
  • Three sizes of earbuds included to fit your ears
  • Hard leather case holds your headphones; 1.2 meter cord for ease of use

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