Sunday, September 28, 2008

Oregon Scientific WMR968 Complete Wireless Weather Station.

The place where I am living (QTH: OL72CM) is Fanling in the new Territories which is close to Ta Ku Leng, close to the border. Ta Ku Leng experiences some of the most dramatic climatic changes here in Hong Kong, with the highest and lowest temperatures all year round recorded in this area. When I moved in I installed a wireless weather station with all the instrumental sensors installed on my roof for checking on humidity, temperature, wind speed and direction as well as precipitation and pressure etc. The weather station I choose was the Oregon Scientific WRM-968 Professional Wireless Station which has also RS-232 output from the sleek console to download data to my computer. Oregon has a software bundle for this package.

The Oregon Scientific WMR-968 Professional Wireless Weather Station is a sophisticated weather monitoring system designed to meet the needs of both amateur and professional weather enthusiasts! This state-of-the-art complete weather station comes equipped with outdoor sensors that operate on solar power, providing for easy installation. Indoors, the large display touch-screen console and separate baro-thermo-hygrometer rounds out the system.

Easy to operate, the Oregon Scientific WMR968 wireless weather station features indoor and outdoor temperature/humidity, wind speed and direction, rainfall range and rate, barometric pressure, dew point, wind chill, time and weather alarms, and much more! These weather stations also have seven wireless channels and accept up to three additional sensors.



  • Manual set time/date
  • Hour and minute display
  • Weekday, date and month display
  • Simultaneous display of all weather information
  • Touch-screen display plus key button operation
  • Bright green HiGlo™ backlighting for easy night viewing
  • Wireless indoor temperature (ºF or ºC), humidity, and pressure (from remote) Can also display indoor dew point.
  • Wireless outdoor temperature (ºF or ºC) and humidity (solar powered sensor) Can also display outdoor dew point or wind chill temperature.
  • Display data from any one of up to three possible wireless outdoor temperature and humidity sensors
  • Minimum and maximum values for all measurements since last reset, including time and date of occurrence
  • Current barometric pressure (hPa or inHg)
  • Barometric pressure bar chart history (last 24 hours)
  • Weather forecast icon (sunny, partly cloudy, cloudy, rain)
  • 12-24 hour weather forecast within a 20 to 30 mile radius
  • Wireless self-emptying rain gauge (solar powered) tracking rainfall rate and amount for last 24 hours and total since last reset (inch or mm)
  • Wireless wind-gauge (solar powered) tracking wind speed and wind direction (km/h, m/s, mph, or knots)
  • Programmable alarm mode for time and certain weather conditions (up to 29 possible alarms)
  • Low-battery indicator
  • Main display unit powered by AC adapter and battery backup
  • Solar-powered remote sensors with battery backup (Ten foot long cable between solar panel and sensor)
  • Includes solar-powered rain gauge, anemometer, outdoor thermo-hygrometer, touch-screen display and indoor thermo-hygrometer
  • PC compatible (with optional RS-232 serial cable and software (not included)
  • Wall mount or free-standing (fold out stand)


  • Temperature range (indoor): 23 to 122°F (-5 to 50°C)
  • Temperature range: (outdoor): –58 to 158°F (-50 to 70°C)
  • Temperature resolution: 0.2°F (0.1°C)
  • Humidity range: 25% to 90%
  • Humidity resolution: 1%
  • Dew point range (indoor): 23 to 122°F (-5°C to 50°C)
  • Dew point range: (outdoor): 14 to 140°F (-10 to 60°C)
  • Dew point resolution: 2°F (1°C)
  • Wind chill range: -61.6 to 140°F (-52 to 60°C)
  • Wind chill resolution: 2°F (1°C)
  • Barometric air pressure range: 17.72 to 31.01 inHg
    (600 to 1050 mb)
  • Air pressure resolution: 0.03 inHg (1 mb)
  • Temperature/Humidity/Pressure Measuring interval: 180 seconds
  • Wind speed range: 0 to 125.3 mph (0 to 56 m/s)
  • Wind speed resolution: 0.4 mph (0.2 m/s) (typical)
  • Wind direction range: 0° to 359° (Degrees)
  • Wind direction digital resolution: 1° (typical)
  • Wind direction graphical resolution: 10°
  • Wind speed/direction measuring interval: 14 seconds
  • Rainfall range: 0 to 393.7 in (0 to 9999 mm)
  • Rainfall rate: 0 to 393.7 in/hr (0 to 9999 mm/hr)
  • Rainfall range resolution: 0.04 in (1 mm)
  • Rainfall rate resolution: 0.04 in/hr (1 mm/hr) typical
  • Rainfall measurement: 0.01 inches per tip of bucket
  • Rainfall range accuracy (<15>
  • Rainfall rate accuracy (15 to 99 mm/hr): ±5% error
  • Rainfall measuring interval: 47 seconds
  • Power requirements (base): AC Adapter with 4 AA Alkaline batteries for backup
  • Power requirements (indoor sensor): 4 AAA Alkaline batteries
  • Power requirements (outdoor sensors): Solar powered with 2 AA Alkaline batteries for backup
  • Battery life: approximately 12 months
  • Transmission frequency band: 433 MHz
  • Transmission range: up to about 330 feet in open air


  • Base receiver: 8.1" x 5.5" x 1.5"
    (204mm x 139mm x 39mm)

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