Friday, September 19, 2008

Monster Cable StereoLink Home (7 ft)

To interface my portable MP3/4 players, portable CD and DVD to my fixed home components such as table top headphone amplifiers I use a Monster Cable StereoLink Home cable which has a stereo 3.4mm plug on one end and two RCA plugs on the other. I have tried the run of the mill y type cables with such plug configurations and found loss of detail and the music sounded pale and bland. The StereoLink restored vital music information. US$29.95

Monster Cable StereoLink Home (7 ft)

  1. Connects your PORTABLE SOURCE to your home stereo`s left/right stereo audio inputs
  2. Conveniently plugs into PORTABLE SOURCE headphone jack
  3. Extra-long 7ft. (2.13m) cable for the most convenient placement of your PORTABLE SOURCE
  4. 24k gold contact Turbine design connectors for maximum signal transfer
  5. DoubleHelix construction with dual tightly twisted conductors rejects EMI and RF interference
  6. Duraflex jacket for easier routing and enhanced protection
Manufacturer's Description
Enjoy Your Portable Player on Your Home Stereo
Turn your home stereo into a digital jukebox with all your favorite music. It`s as easy as connecting your portable player to your home stereo and speaker system with Monster(R) StereoLink(TM) Home. Instantly access and enjoy all of your favorite songs and artists in full, room-filling stereo sound.

Superior Monster Construction for Superior Sound
Monster StereoLink incorporates advanced Monster construction and technology for the highest quality sound from your portable player and home stereo. DoubleHelix(TM) construction and dual "balanced conductors reject noise and interference for clearer highs and fuller bass. Plus, 24k gold contacts maximize signal transfer for the clarity and detail you expect in your music, whether you`re kickin` back or rockin` out with friends.

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