Saturday, May 17, 2008

Experimental Folded Dipole Halo for 6M

After reading an article by Clinton W. Gnatt - W4CWG, I decided that I would replicate his 6M Halo design, but I would also experiment with a variant. A folded dipole halo, it may turn out to be a complete flop and unable to resonate properly, however if all else fails the handy VHF tuner for 6M will come into use and it will still be used as an experimental fun antenna and can still be used for reception purposes. Below are some photos of the experimental dipole halo. The folded dipole dimensions being roughly the same as a normal one for 6.

If you are interested in the original article on the 6M halo + 2M, visit:

If you are interested in a commercial finished Halo antenna, you may take a look at the following:-

1. Moonraker Antennas: Model HLP-6

2. KU4AB: Model SQ-50

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