Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Manson SPS-9600 60 amp Power Supply

I have a Manson SPS-9600 switching mode power supply, this Goliath provides a Whopping 60 amp current which is need to power my TE Systems 0552G which draws a 55 amp load at top rating. There are just not many choices available with such current provision.

The Specs:

60 Ampere
1-15 Volt DC variable
13,8 Volt DC nominal operation
5 ampre front panel connection
LED Voltage & Current Readout
Size: 220 x 110 x 360 mm
Weight: 5.8 Kg

Main Output /Remote Sensing/ Remote Control/ terminals on the back.

Remote Sensing for remote point of regulation.

Remote control terminals for output voltage & current.

Light weight and small size.

Over-temperature /Short Circuit Protection.

Constant Current Limiting Protection with LED indicator showing overload.

Variable speed thermally controlled fan.

High RFI stability.

Power factor correction >0.97.

Active Power Factor Correction.

Load Regulation: 0.1%+5 mV

Line Regulation: 0.05%+3 mV

Ripple & Noise (peak-peak): 30mVp-p

Input Voltage: 230V AC / 50Hz

Efficiency (output 15V 60A): > 85%

Meter Type: LED Meter - V meter Range 3 digit display, A meter Range 3 digit display

Meter Accuracy: +/- 1% +1 count

Protection Devices: Overload (Constant Current Limiting), Short Circuit, Over Temperature, OVP.

Cooling System: Variable Speed Thermally Control Fan

Special feature: Remote Sensing, Remote Control

Approvals: Designed and manufactured to comply with CE

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cator said...

Would something like the Starline Track Busway low ampere busway solution useful to you ? It’s available in 60, 100, 160 or 225, with a 400 ampere version is coming soon.