Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Poem: By The Wayside

By The Wayside. (Metaphor)

by Steven Beesley

Gone are the glory days,
now like sand and dirt by the wayside.
Worn and tired, full
of lines and pot holes.

A path that was once
trod by so many happy
and merry souls, now lies
so desolate and bear.

A well traveled route that
was once important to all
scholars and journeymen
alike, nows lays stark and barren.

Only the tall grass and the
mourning wind stays to try and
provide some company, but
they are silent companions.

No more will times of
noise and haste, the friendly
chatter of travelers grace this
long forgotten and discarded trail.

Steven Beesley (C)

date : 2006-06-26

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