Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Poem: Time Passages

Time Passages.

by Steven Beesley

The passages of time
have ravished the once
sweet memories from
my mind, for they are gone.

Only fleeting images come to
me like old pictures from a
scrap book, pasted in no
logical order and making no sense.

How cruel life is to rob
me of my most prized and
cherished possessions, so
quietly and without any mercy.

The lights grow dim but in
the stark reality it is my
eyes that are failing and
there be no recovery.

Friends around me are
dropping like flies, with
tomorrows morn just
how many will there be?

Take heed, take stock of
your youth and use it as
best as you can, for tomorrow
is a reality that you really do
not want to see...

(c) 19/8/2008

Inspired from Al Stewart's song "Time Passages"

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