Saturday, August 30, 2008

spl The Phonitor - Ultimate Extreme End Headphone Monitor Amplifier.

Spl Headphone Monitoring Amplifier (Model #2730)
An introduction to The Phonitor, it's design is an high-end interpretation for what a complete headphone amplifier should be. A well chosen system of Phonitor and headphones can by and large replace loudspeakers and offers all that is required for a successful session long listening periods without ear fatigue.

The basis for this high-end development on proven 120 volts reference technology based on handmade operation amplifiers. 120 volts corresponds to approximately four times the performance of standard analogue audio semiconductor technologies and twice that of the mot power designs. Through such 120 volts circuitry and processing, performance levels are reached far beyond conventional designs in dynamic range and distortion levels, and the main technical specifications in music reproduction exceeds all analogue or digital standards known.


Frequency Response: ‹10Hz to ›200kHz (-3dB)
CMR:-80dBu (@1kHz, 0dBu input level/unity gain)
Crosstalk @ 1kHz: -67dB
THD: 0,005% (@ 1kHz and 0dBu input level/unity gain
Noise (A-weighted): -97dBu
Dynamic Range: 129,5dB (@ connection with 600 Ohms Impedance)


(XLR connections, electronically balanced)
Impedance: ca. 20 Ohms balanced/ca. 10 Ohms unbalanced
Maximum Input Level: +24dBu


XLR Connections: Input thru, electronically balanced
Headphone Output: 6,3 mm stereo TRS connection
Pin Wiring Tip = left, Ring = right, Shaft = GND, Impedance: 9 Ohms


Max. Output Performance:
1,7W (+32,2dBm) @ 1 kHz and 600 Ohms connection
360mW (+25,6dBm) @ 1 kHz and 30 Ohms connection


VU Meter: Input levels from -20dB to +5dB
Signal LED: Input signals from -22dBu
Overload LED: Displays input overload from +21dBu


Voltages: 230V AC, 50Hz/120V AC, 60Hz
Power Consumption: max 23,7VA
Fuses (slow blow): 200-240V AC: 500mA/100-120V AC: 1A

Dimensions And Weight

H x W x D (mm): 106 x 216 x 393 (H w/o Feet 88mm/2U)
Weight: 4,05kg

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