Sunday, August 31, 2008

Phono-Preamplifier Korsun u3i (MM+MC) - (aka Red Rose Music - Rosette)

LP playback is an important part of my stereo system, I have several different phono stages that I use and one of which is the Korsun u3i which I purchased some years ago for HK$2,000. This unit comes with a separate power supply which is interconnected by a umbical power cord.

This is a product that is made in China, today it is still manufactured but marketed as the Dusson u3i. So you may ask why all the fuss about a phono stage that is made in China. Many of you may have heard about Red Rose Music with their high end audio products. The CEO is none other then Mark Levinson.

The u3i is in fact the OEM product for RR - Rosette Phono stage which is selling for US$2,000! So now I have your attention


Frequency response:
20Hz to 20Khz (+/- 0.5db, RIAA)

Signal-to-noise ratio: 96db (MM); 81db (MC); both A-weighted

THD + Noise: <0.008%>

Input resistance (MC): 47、100、1K、47Kohms

Input capacitance (MM): 100、200、300、400 pF

Main Unit dimensions: 86 x 208 x270 (mm), WHD (main unit)

Power Supply dimensions: 86 x 208 x270 (mm), WHD (power supply unit)

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