Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Poem: Let The WInd Be My Friend.

Let The Wind Be My Friend.
Let the wind soothe me,
sweep away all my mortal encumbrances
that plague my mind and
remove the fatigue that surrounds my life.
I grow weary, is it my age
or the pains and drudgery of life
that stab me daily like
splinters in a gaping wound.
My mind is filled with
nothing but sadness that
follows me wherever I turn
and haunts me like a spectre.
Sick of the short sighted
views, the biased and bigoted
rants that grace my ears,
let the wind carry them far away.
Let the wind be my friend and carry
me away to a place where I may
lay in lush green pastures
away from the inadequacies of
this slow tormented life I lead.
(c)Written 5/8/2008

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