Saturday, August 2, 2008

Some Screen Shots of the Audio Plug-ins running in tandem

Below are some of the screen shots of my audio plug-ins running in tandem with the Windows Media Player:
Above screen shot shows in top right the DFX module, below that is the QMax II module and to the right is the iZotope ozoneMP Module. The SRS Audio Sandbox is shown on a seperate screen shot below and below the SRS Audio Sandbox is a screen shot of the MaxxPlayer direct Plug-in module that is attached to the windows media player.

I never operate all 5 of the plug-ins together, a combination of 3 to 4 at most yields the best results I have found.


AdGuard_TW said...

You use Windows Media Player 11, right?
Does maxxplayer support WMP 11?
Do you use what methods to run maxxplayer by WMP 11?

Steve said...

The maxplayer is a plugin module that is attached to the Windows Media Player and not stand alone. I fail to see your question?

AdGuard_TW said...

I know maxxplayer is a dsp plugin of wmp, not a standalone application. But it should be only compatible with wmp 9 and 10 in windows xp. Do you use wmp 11 with maxxplayer? Because I rememberd I got the error that isn't compatible with wmp 11 before. Do you have other suggestions about DSP? It not only be just a DSP plugin module of some players but also replaces original output device of windows system, like SRS Audio Sandbox, Breakaway Audio Enhancer, Breakaway Professional Products or AstoundStereo Expander...etc. The link:


Steve said...

My version of WMP is earlier version and I have no problems, suggest that you contact the people at maxxplayer on your problem. No doubt they would be able to advise you better on your problem.