Sunday, August 31, 2008

My Digital Source DAC: LITE DAC-60 24bit VACUUM TUBE DAC

For my digital source playback, one of my digital to analog converters is the Lite Audio DAC-60 which is a 24bit Vacuum Tube DAC. This is another product which is made in China and I purchased this many years ago when I purchased the u3i phono stage. The sound stage, depth, clarity, timbre and details are unsurpassed and the upper and lower harmonics are hard to beat. This was money well spent for a DAC of Hi-End calibre.

Above: is the inside of the Lite Audio DAC-60.


Burr Brown PCM1704 DAC chipset

CS8414 + DF1704 signal processing

R-core type transformer

Elna for Audio capacitors, Dale resistors

Optical input x 1

Coaxial digital input x 1

RCA Output x 1pair

2 x 6922 vacuum tube output

Dimensions: 405 x 290 x 100 (mm)

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