Friday, April 10, 2009

Test and Burn In CD's for System Enhancement.

I have received some emails asking about the XLO Test & Burn In CD that I used for my equipment. This is an HDCD CD produced by the cable manufacturer XLO for test, evaluation and burn in of system cables and equipment which I have found very useful. The Cd should be available from most stockist such as Tower Records, HMV etc., if you have problem get a copy then you can get a copy on eBay. It is about US$25.00. These are also music tracks for evaluation besides the test and burn in tracks. The cover looks like:

CD Information

Disc 1
1. Channel Identification
2. Voice in-Phaes
3. Voice Out-of-Phase
4. Clap Track
5. 315 Hz Test Tone
6. Prof. Johnson Does Something Spatial
7. Demagnetizing Sweep
8. Demagnetizing Fade
9. System Burn-In
10. Mono, In-Phase
11. Mono, Out-of-Phase
12. Stereo, Out of Absolute Phase
13. Stormy Weather
14. Shiny Stockings
15. Morton Gould: Derivations, Rag
16. Janacek: Sinfoniett, "The Queen's Monastery
17. Franz Biebl: Ave Marie
18. Weinberger: Polka and Fugre

Label: Reference Recordings
Release Date: 09/09/2005
Recording Mode: Stereo
Recording Type: Studio
Distributor: Allegro (Distributor USA)

You may also wish to check out the Ayre Acoustics
- System Burn In CD, The Irrational, But Efficacious! test CD. The five-minute glide tone is the most useful track, when this is played through your system at a moderately low volume, will improve the system sound and is the main system burn in tool .

Ayre advises that the tone helps demagnetize residual fields that build up in your components over time. It is also recommended that your system runs such a track from time to time to keep it in top performance.
The other tracks have more specialized functions and feature white noise, pink noise, brown noise, etc.

All tracks were created digitally with 88.2 kHz, 32-bit resolution. Enhanced resolution transfer to the 44.1 kHz, 16-bit CD format was performed using 0.5 bits of dither with a triangular probability distribution function for maximum fidelity.

Awarded a 'Golden ear' award by the Absolute Sound magazine.

1. Short Glide Time
2. White Noise
3. Pink Noise

4. Brown Noise

5. Mono Brown Noise

6. Out of phase Brown Noise

7. Full Glide Tour

This Ayre Burn In CD is available from the UK for about GBP16.00 or US$23.36.

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