Friday, April 10, 2009

Power Conditioning: Bada LB-3300 Power Filter Plant.

Many are skeptical about the importance of power conditioning, but I am an advocate for cleaner power to the electronics. The effects are not immediately noticeable if you are listening through speakers and many would argue that such devices are questionable and may even downgrade the audio. On the contrary if you listen to music via headphones and do an A-B test of tracks before placing a power filter in-line and after a filter is placed in-line you will notice a difference. The background will appear quieter, there is less noise, resolution is higher and even the overall dynamics, impact and sound stage will be improved. If your filter does not do any of the things I just mentioned then it should be sent away for recycling.

I use a number of different power filter plants.

But not all power filters are created equal. In the study I use a Bada LB-3300 Power Filter Plant and this is an inexpensive model that does actually provide good results, the build quality is solid and robust and is a good item to be added to clean up the mains power and let you enjoy the music more!

The proof is in the pudding:

I've experienced better sounding music reproduction, more silent with less background noise when equipment was plugged in through the Bada LB-3300. The sound staging also appeared slightly deeper and wider. It didn't seem to inhibit the dynamics produced on the various pieces of equipment in the system and in fact I detected some improvement. Certainly a good starter for someone getting in to power conditioning products on a budget or for something in the study.

Bada LB-3300 Power Filter Plant:

  • New upgraded product replacement for LB-3000 which is the previous model;
  • Distribution circuits for less interference and high fidelity, quieter background with less noise;
  • For amplifiers, for source and pre-amp, other two outlets with no filters;
  • Professional sockets and thick copper spring plates for tight connection and less loss;
  • Heavy duty aluminum alloy chassis;
  • Protection for AC line transients and overload;
  • Detachable power cable;
  • Use of Wima MKP-10 capacitors for filtering;
  • Has on/off switch to isolate whole system supply.


Rating voltage: 220V/50Hz
Maximum carrying power: 3000W
Maximum electricity: 15A
Size: 127 X 56 X 349 mm
Weight: 2.5Kg

Since the power cord is detachable, my suggestion is replace and upgrade it with something better!

Of course if you want something a bit beefier, there is the larger bigger brother version - Bada LB-5500 (3000 watt rating):

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