Friday, April 10, 2009

CD Recommendation: Chris Babida - I Remember "We Miss You Leslie"

This is a fantastic Jazz CD by Chris Babida and the sonics and atmosphere on the recording is just unbelievable. One of the better recordings that I have heard in a long time. The live club jamming session is just great and is kept lively throughout the whole session. This recording is so good that I use it for a reference recording when listening to various pieces of audio gear now.

My favorite tracks being:

1. Track No. 8 - Play No More;
2. Track No. 3 - A Chinese Ghost Story;
3. Track No. 11 - We Miss You.

The album is a serious dedication to the late Cantonese singer - Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing. The recording is recorded and mastered by JVC, Mr. Tohru Kotetsu and was recorded live. It is a 20 bit Super Coding recording. I would deem this as a must have Jazz album if you are serious about Jazz.

The tracks:

01. 序曲… / Piano Intro
02. 沉默是金 / Silence Is Gold
03. 共同渡過 / Enduring Together
04. 想你 / Thinking Of You
05. 拒絕再玩 / Play No More
06. 倩女幽魂 / A Chinese Ghost Story
07. 無需要太多 / Not Too Much
08. 風繼續吹 / Wind Blows On
09. 深情相擁 / Embrace
10. 你在何地 / Where Are You
11. We Miss You / 鮑比達 演唱

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