Friday, April 17, 2009

CD Recommendation: Waltz for Debby [HYBRID SACD] .

The SACD version offers considerably improved sound quality over any of the original CD remastered versions. The hiss you heard originally from the CD and the LP versions is almost virtually gone. This overall presentation offers greater clarity and depth in music reproduced.

However with the clarity this makes the background sounds of the audience with their chats, laughs and silverware more noticeable giving the lively realism of a club jazz jamming session and the listener feels that he/she is sitting in the club. Such realism was not possible or captured in the original version that well. This is remarkable since the remaster came from tapes made from master tapes more then 41 years ago before the advent of the CD. The jazz club ambiance is superb.

In the 60's the Bill Evans Trio were the hottest thing on the jazz scene, and the recording of their live session so many years back is still hot today.

This is a true jazz lover's album and a must for any collection if you are to be considered a jazz buff. Comparing this SACD edition to the XRCD leaves you speechless since the amount of information resolved by the SACD is just mind boggling.

Here is a rare clip of the trio:
"Bill Evans Trio - Waltz For Debby"

and of course track 1 on the album - "My Foolish Heart"

On Imeem:

Waltz For Debby - Aebersold

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