Sunday, April 19, 2009

Poem: Fallen From Good Grace.

Fallen From Good Grace.

Yesterdays and yesteryear's good
grace has long been gone
far from your mind and away
from your heart.

Trample on a thin line that now
remains and stomping on what
is left of ties and bonds that were
once close, tight and dear.

Closed is your mindset to any
attempts for repairs to any relationship
that once was, like weak mortar
crumbling before your very eyes.

A bitter and sour taste remains
as the grapes have not turned to
sweet wine. You curse each
day as a new dawn breaks.

Your lips are tainted with scorn
which you eagerly embrace like
a new found friend, forgetting
those that you now leave behind.

Your spirit seems so possessed to
rid yourself of your very past,
leaving no signs of those you put
in your trust, but all trust is now lost.

Lost to an ego that has no time,
no time for anyone except those
that serve your purpose now and for
for a short time they will serve you best.

But soon you will betray your self
with your own selfish scheming ways,
betrayal seen so clear that integrity
will not find a home to rest.

You will reap the harvest of your
own doing and pay so heavily that
price will be your very own timely
and truly welcome demise.

Steven Beesley (c) 10/8/2008

This poem was written about a person who I once thought I knew quite well, but on the contrary it turns out that I did not know him at all. One day he showed me his inner side - just a plain liar and scoundrel. Needless to say there was a parting of ways for I did despise what I did finally see with my very own eyes. Such a fake and full of conceit.

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