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CD Recommendation: The Very Best of George Howard and then some.

One of my favorite saxophonists, however he will sadly be missed but his beautiful music lives on.

George Howard
: Born September 15th, 1956 - died March 20th 1998 ~ Jazz-Funk / Fusion / Contemporary Jazz an Smooth Jazz Soprano Saxophonist.

Extract from Wikipedia:

Howard was born September 15, 1956 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In the late 1970s, he began touring with Grover Washington, Jr., who was one of his idols. In the early 1980s, Howard released his first and second studio albums, Asphalt Gardens and Steppin' Out. Both albums were well received and ranked high on the Billboard magazine jazz album charts at number 25 and 9, respectively.

By 1985, Howard's third album, Dancing in the Sun, had scaled the Billboard Jazz Album chart to number 1. Each of his next three albums, Love Will Follow, A Nice Place to Be and Reflections would also reach this height in the Jazz Album chart. After the success of Dancing in the Sun, Howard left the label GRP Records in order to join MCA through the 1988 release of Reflections. However, he returned to GRP Records in 1990 and released Love Will Follow in 1991. He stayed with GRP until his untimely death of lymphoma on March 22, 1998. His final album, There's a Riot Goin' On was released posthumously (one month after his death) on April 21 by Blue Note Records.

If you like the saxophone and smooth Jazz then you should get a copy of "The VERY BEST of GEORGE HOWARD and then Some", this is a compilation of some his best renditions, the first track is one of my all time favorites: "Love Will Follow" and track 10. is another: "Love Will Find A Way", so why wait, get a copy and you will not be disappointed.

Love Will Follow - George Howard

Album Details:

Track listing
1. Love Will Follow 2. Baby Come to Me 3. Everything I Miss at Home 4. When Summer Comes 5. Diane's Blues 6. Home Far Away, A 7. Midnight Mood - (previously unreleased) 8. Cross Your Mind 9. Find Your Way - (previously unreleased) 10. Love Will Find a Way 11. Miracle
Distributor: Universal Distribution
Recording type: Studio
Recording mode: Stereo

Album notes
Producers include: George Howard, Victor Bailey, Morris Pleasure, Sonny Emory, Rayford Griffin, Darrell Smith, Rex Rideout. Compilation producer: John Cartwright.

His Discography:

  • 1982 - Asphalt Gardens - Palo Alto Jazz
  • 1984 - Steppin' Out - Palo Alto Jazz
  • 1985 - Dancing in the Sun - Palo Alto Jazz
  • 1986 - Love Will Follow - Palo Alto Jazz
  • 1986 - A Nice Place to Be - MCA
  • 1988 - Reflections - MCA
  • 1989 - Personal - MCA
  • 199? - Dancing in the Sun - GRP ( re-issue )
  • 1991 - Love Will Follow - GRP ( re-issue )
  • 1992 - Steppin' Out- GRP ( re-issue )
  • 1992 - Love and Understanding - GRP
  • 1992 - Do I Ever Cross Your Mind? - GRP
  • 1993 - When Summer Comes - GRP
  • 1994 - Home Far Away - GRP
  • 1995 - Attitude Adjustment - GRP
  • 1998 - Midnight Mood - GRP
  • 1998 - There's a Riot Goin' On - Blue Note

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