Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Audio Technica ATH-ESW9 Recabling With Cello "Strings" Silver Cable.

I have always thought the Audio Technica ATH-ESW9 to be a good pair of wood cans but felt that there was something lacking and the performance could be bettered! So I decided to take the plunge, I have two sets of the ATH-ESW9 headphones and so I decided to re-cable one set with Cello "Strings" silver cable. The cable is a silver core and braid, not your typical silver plated braid cable with a copper conductor. You may well ask is this a bit of an overkill?

Only after the re-cabling can one appreciate how under performing the original headphones were. What can I say, upon listening to the re cabled ESW9's the first reaction was "Holy Moly" and "Wow", it is as though a very thick vale has been completely lift. The overall change in the performance of the headphone is astounding, dynamics, clarity, transients, resolution, imagery, sound staging width and depth have change many fold. The bass is so brilliantly controlled, so tight and gut wrenching impact. It was well worth the effort. Herewith below are photos of my own custom re-cabled ESW9's. I suggest you also try re-cabling yours.

Suffice to say the original cable wa a wet shoe string and not to mince words - a piece of crap.

So looks like I need to re-cable the other pair also? Maybe balanced for my Little Dot MK VI?

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