Sunday, June 29, 2008

Specialized FMDX Radio: Tecsun CR-1100DSP AM/FM

The TECSUN CR-1100DSP is a specialized design radio for FMDX listening incorporating Digital Signal Processing and dual DAC. It can decode stereo transmissions and delivers exceptional clarity for very HiFi reproduction. There is also provision for MP-3 download directly to MP-3 Player.

TECSUN CR-1100DSP employs a DSP chip from Silicon Labs no. Si4730

Frequency bands:
FM1 87.0——108.0MHz
FM2 65.0——108.0MHz
MW 522——1620KHz,9KHz steps included。
Size: 258×148×63(mm)
External F Connector Jack
Selectable DSP setting, DAC

Diagram 1 above: The Block diagram for the CR-1100DSP (Only in Chinese - Sorry!)

Photo 1 above: The Tecsun CR-1100DSP hooked up to my Grove SP-200 Sound Enhancer going through it's paces.

Photo 2 above: Overall view of the Tecsun CR-1100DSP receiver, the built in speaker is of good high quality and has a larger magnet.

Photo 3 above: Close up of the specialized "S" meter on the CR-1100DSP which displays signal level in dBu and Signal-to-noise Ratio in dB also!

Photo 4 above: Close up of the output jacks on the front panel.

Photo 5 above: Close up of the "F" connector jack on the rear for external antenna hook up.

Conclusion: I cannot read the Chinese manual so cannot advise what the quoted specifications for the RX are, except for the frequency coverage. It appears that the set was primarily designed for FMDX capability and also the Japanese market as the FM coverage extends to receive the unusual Japanese FM bands. Reception on FM is fantastic to say the least and I had such a large choice of stations to listen too with just moving the dial slightly. It had no problem with even pulling in the weak stations and I must say the specialized "S" meter is such a useful adddition. The DSP is doing a wonderful job as the sound rivals that of some of the more expensive top notch HiFi super tuners.

On MW however, there is so much lacking and I am not impressed by the somewhat average performance and would say there is no competition with my GE Super Radio III which still is no. 1 for me when it comes to MWDX.

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JayDee said...

Steve - I received one of these radios from Silicon Labs as a promotion. I like it, but the terse manual does not indicate how to change the AM bands from 9kHz steps to 10kHz steps. I don't use AM often, but when I do this is a severe limitation. Did you figure out any way to change the AM steps?