Monday, June 16, 2008

A Rather Special World Band Portable - The Kchibo KK-S500

Description: This is a small size reciever similar to the Degens, etc. The difference is this radio includes Syncronous detection (U/L selectable).

KCHIBO KK-S500 DIGITAL DUAL CONVERSION / SYNCHRONOUS DETECTION SHORTWAVE / FM STEREO / MW RADIO FM : 76 -108 MHz MW : 520 - 1620 KHz. (9 or 10 KHz. steps) SW : 1620 - 29999 KHz.

Made in the People's Republic Of China.

Super large LCD display with digital display of frequency, 1000 Stations Memory Presets (200 each for MW & SW, 600 for FM) (Will not lose memory even without battery inside radio). Direct keying input of frequency, knob tuning, pre-set memory and scanning tuning methods are supported. Dual conversion and synchronous detection on SW bands, very sensitive and good selectivity! Excellent sound quality, loud and clear! FM Stereo: Listening by earphone or headphone (I use my Sennheiser PX-200 with this radio and the sound is very good). Automatic turn on of radio by setting of timers. With headphone socket, for private stereo FM listening. Dimensions: 5.9 x 3.5 x 1.4 inches / 150 x 90 x 35 mm. Battery: Uses 3 AA size 1.5V. battery. Supplied with 3 1.2 V AA rechargable batteries, do yourself a favor and throw them away as they are useless.

All lettering on the radio is in Chinese.

Supplied - nice little snap case, ear buds, reel antenna and 220v wall wart.

Conclusion - The Kchibo KKS-500 is a winner, with the sychronous Am detector it has no effort with keeping SW AM signals stable with minimal fading even if only the built in telescopic antenna is used. I throughly enjoy listening to SW broadcasts on this little marvel and in my opinion, for it's value, it is at present one of the better world band portables available coming out these days. The Chinese lettering (No English) is of course a pain, but once you have learnt to navigate the controls, it is all plain sailing. The S-500 has the synch. detect but gives up having single sideband. 1,000 memories? But I never thought that listening to single sideband on a portable was really practical, I will never use that, 1,000 memories - barely use ten. So far the S-500's best feature seems to be shortwave broadcast. Nice radio and a good buy. One of the better sets to come out of China.

Links for Kchibo KK-S500 (Mostly In Japanese & Chinese):

The Kchibo KK-S500 has AM Sync. Detection and no SSB, the Degen DE-1103 does not have AM Sync. detection but has SSB.

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