Saturday, June 21, 2008

Yaesu SP-6 + DSP-59Y

The Timewave DSP-59Y was the only Digital Signal Filter built to match existing YAESU radios using the SP-5 and SP-6 external speakers. The DSP-59Y, using the same highly aclaimed filter set as the DSP-599zx, is designed to fit in the phone patch slot of the speaker. It uses the existing A/B switch and 1/4" stereo phone jack on the speaker cabinet and also allows the existing analog filters to be used.

The Timewave DSP module allows the owners of Yaesu equipment to maintain the Original Equipment Manufacturer's appearance. This filter gives the FT1000, FT1000D, FT990, FT890, FT900, and FRG100 the latest noise reduction and filtering DSP technology. Mine is used with the Ten Tec Paragon HF Transceiver.

The speaker mounted DSP-59Y can be used with other radios and transceivers made by other manufacturers such as Kenwood, Icom, Ten-Tec, and Alinco. There are no design limitations in either the DSP-59Y or the speaker that prevents their use with other radios or transceivers.

The DSP-59Y has all the digital noise filters found in the DSP-599zx incorporating the newest high speed CPU. Running at 36.8 MIPS, the extra power gives the user unparalleled features and field upgradability for the future. The DSP-59Y does not have the Test Instrument mode.

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