Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Memorex Scanocular - Unique Scanner Radio & Binoculars.

Another unique piece of equipment which I have and would like to talk about is the Memorex Scanocular which is a scanning receiver and binoculars built into one. This is particular useful when your out and about or hiking. Unfortunately this unit is no longer available and is now discontinued and in fact seldom seen on the secondhand market maybe due to it's uniqueness most owners do not wish to part with theirs, I know I certainly do not want to sell mine.

A brief discription - the Memorex TracTec MSB1003 Scannocular is just what the doctor ordered for watching and hearing outdoor sports events or for hiking and hill walking. It features audio from FM (and UHF TV channels 14-20) plus has a built-in 100 channel scanner! You can search in ten different categories: Race Car, Military, 800 MHz, Federal Government, Air, Marine, VHF-UHF, Ham, Weather and FM-TV (Channels 14-20). Other features include: auto squelch, lock and alphanumeric LCD display.

Audio is provided to the supplied stereo earbuds (no speaker) or use your own selected headphones. The included right angle BNC rubber antenna is removable. A neck strap is also provided. This radio requires two AA cells.

The 8 x 25 sports binoculars give you a front row view. There is an interpupillary adjustment (IPD), right eye + / - and a standard focusing knob. The eyecups can be folded down for use with glasses. It is a compact size: 4 x 2.8 x 5 inches, weighs just 1 Lb. (106x75x142 mm).

MSB1003 Specifications:

Race Car 150.9950-151.9550 MHz (5 kHz)
152.8700-153.7250 MHz (5 kHz)
154.4900-154.6250 MHz (5 kHz)
460.0000-470.0000 MHz (12.5 kHz)
Military 137.0000-143.9550 MHz (5 kHz)

800 806.0000-823.9375 MHz (12.5 kHz)
851.0000-868.9375 MHz (12.5 kHz)
896.1125-956.0000 MHz (12.5 kHz)

406.0000-419.9875 MHz (12.5 kHz)

Air 108.0000-136.9750 MHz (12.5 kHz)

Marine 156.0250-162.0250 MHz (5 kHz)

V/UHF 148.0000-174.0000 MHz (5 kHz)

450.0000-459.9875 MHz (12.5 kHz) {except Ham}

Ham 144.0000-147.9950 MHz (5 kHz)
420.0000-449.9875 MHz (12.5 kHz)

FM/TV 88.0000-107.9000 MHz (100 kHz) FM
475.7500-511.7500 MHz (6 MHz) TV Channels 14-20

WX 161.6500-163.2750 MHz (ten channels)

Scanner Channels 100
FM-TV Channels 10
Weather Channels 10 (7 NOAA and 3 Canadian)

Scan Rate 50 channels per second
Search Rate 100-300 steps per second

External Audio
Mini Jack (3.5 mm)
BNC Jack

Power Requirement Two alkaline AA cells (not supplied)
Antenna Flexible antenna included
Antenna Jack BNC
Operating Temperature -4° to 140° F (-20° to +60° C)
Size 7x2.75x6.6 inches 42 oz (177x167x61 mm 1.34 kg)

Magnification 8X
Field of view 314 feet / 1000 yards
Angle of view 6°
Objective diameter 25 mm

Front -

Top -

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