Saturday, June 28, 2008

Respect for Elders.

An issue that always strikes a raw nerve with me is the issue of "Respect for Elders" or should I say the "Lack of Respect for Elders". I have come across all to often the snobbish, know it all, think they are better, show off, ego eccentric types who's show of general discourtesy to people around them and even worse towards their elders is utterly and dreadfully disgusting. These are real Pigs! These are bigots: a person obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices.

There is absolutely "ZERO" tolerance in my book for people who disrespect their elders and I will without any hesitation treat them with extreme discontent, make my annoyance for their uneducated and lowly disrespectful and terrible manners made clear and known to them. If they do not acknowledge that they are in the wrong, walk away and turn their noses up, then my conclusion is simple - they all too full of themselves, utter snobs and hypocrites and basically just plain prats or to the point -A**H*les. They have nasty mean streaks running through their veins and are so utterly vain and shallow.

There is not a shred of common decency in any person who is impolite, demeaning, disrespectful and downright condescending to their elders. And if they are told that they have been wrong, do not even bother to acknowledge the fact and apologize for their bad treatment to their elders, they are basically on the same level as horse manure. There is also not a shred of IQ or EQ for such persons. They surely do not command any of my time or respect as their over sized egos and undersized intellects do not deserve the command of my time or respect nor do they deserve the command and respect of any well mannered, educated and leveled headed individuals. Sorry the foul stench that surrounds such people is simply over powering.

Such individuals do not have any sense of morals, commonly accepted decency and surely cannot begin even to grasp the simplest understanding of the concept of empathy. But as with all things in life, such selfish, self-centered, rude, naive and base individuals will reap bad karma and experience the negative side of things, what goes around comes around and they will eventually get their dues many times over.

Such persons to me are coarse and unrefined on the inside and outside, utterly grotesque and ugly and worse then any plague or disease I can think of. It is a pity that society has to suffer with such baseline moronic types. It is no use for such people to try and dress themselves up and play pretend because their true colors will also shine through and their hideous identities will always come through.

So those of you who do not respect your elders, you should learn to grow up instead of being such childish and ridiculous individuals for which most of society will look down upon you. Sorry to say that such people really have stunted intellects.

But you know what is really sad? Recently I had lunch with a well respected clinical psychologist friend of mine and we were discussing this very issue and she told me that it was more then likely that the aforesaid individuals are suffering from Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD), a form of pathological narcissism. Therefore what I said about a mean streak coarsing through their veins is correct.

Just a pet peeve of mine!



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