Sunday, June 1, 2008

Time Out with friends.

Last night I had a nice night out with some of my friends. Nothing amateur radio related, in fact no hams there except for me. A group of us went for dinner last night 31st May, 2008 to a spot in the New Territories called Lau Fau Shan which is famous for it's seafood restaurants. Needless to say we had a great seafood meal consisting of oysters, crab, pray mantis prawn, lobster, grouper, scallops and lots of other goodies. It was a enjoyable dinner with good friends. Some photos below:

Above: outside the restaurant with Jenny Chan on my left and Janet Tse on my right.

Above: Inside the restaurant L to R: Mathew, Jenny, Steve, Olivia, Otto, Donald, Janet, Janet & John.

Above: Left to Right - Olivia, Steven, Otto

Above: Left to Right - Janet, Steven, Jenny

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