Tuesday, July 1, 2008

New Specialized FMDX Radio: Tecsun DSP-2000.

I had earlier reported on the CR-1100DSP FMDX radio from Tecsun, apparently Tecsun is bringing out a bad big boy version called the DSP-2000. The case and outlook and layout look the same but it is much larger in size and I expect that the circuit design is also further upgraded, no further details available at this stage except the following photo showing the DSP-2000 and the CR-1100DSP sitting above it:

Apparently focus has also gone into the MW performance on the DSP-2000, I certainly hope that it has been gratly improved. It would be a challenge to test it against my trusty GE Super Radio III. The MW loop is the new loop antenna by Tecsun which is basically similar to the Radio Shack and Terk style MW loops.

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