Saturday, July 19, 2008

Old Flames Die Hard: nDi HC-1400 FM 2M Mobile Transceiver

Above is a photo of an old nDi FM 2M Mobile Transceiver of mine which covers 144-148MHz has repeater offsets and power of 25 watts or 5 watt selectable output. PLL VFO (5/10 KHz steps) with 3 memories. Sensitivity at 12dB less than 0.3uV, Selectivity More than 60dB at +-15 KHz, Image Rejection More Than 60dB. Voltage 13.8 VDC +- 15%, Current Drain MAX 5.5 Amps. Impedance 50 ohms - SO239. Dimensions 182W*66H*258D mm. Weight 3.4 Kg. Manufacture Date: 1983.

One of my first rigs and still in pretty good condition today. This is now quite a rare radio as I believe not many are still around.


Hardly used now, but kept for sentimental reasons. Below is another view of this nice looking mobile transceiver:


alloydog said...

I've got one of those! Bought by my dad in 1978 (iirc), then passed to me when I got my license.

Anonymous said...


I just got my NDI 1400 this week on eBay for $41.00 (what a deal!!!) Its a cool old rig and SOLID as a brick!

I collect old radios, so this one will make a nice addition to the collection.

Still trying to figure out what the CROSS button is for however.

Cool old radio, if you ever find one, get it!

Thanks, Tom K8CNN 73