Sunday, July 20, 2008

Are You An Otaku, I hope not

Otaku is a Japanese term used to refer to people with obsessive interests and realizing their ego trips at the expense of others (people). They do not care about anyone else as their needs always have first priority and don't care who they hurt in order to attain their goals.

Sometimes we see these kind of people in the world of radio or hobbies, we call them Otaku, in Japanese, meaning that he is a maniac, too much of an enthusiast that he walks over everyone else and friends, far too into their hobby or enjoyments, and does not see anyone around them (they are in a dream world and think that only they are no. 1 and everyone else is below them).

In Japanese it occasionally suggests a creepy, obsessive loner who rarely leaves the house. In English, geek can possibly suggest a person who may be socially awkward but who is also intelligent and may be fairly "normal" aside from their interest in certain typically 'geekish' pursuits. Otaku is not completely the same as the meaning for Geek.

An Otaku is self obsessed with his particular pursuit to the point that he could forsake friendships and in order to strive for his particular goal turn against long time friends. Otaku is far worse then the word geek as their judgments a not level headed and they cannot admit to what is right or wrong. They are too self centered.

The reason that I have raised this is because there are "Ham Otaku's' who are reclusive, live in their shacks all the time, turn against friends in pursuit of the hobby to the extreme and are just plain ignorant, arrogant and repulsive, bad mannered, selfish and full of themselves (mislead by a euphoria of their own self indulgent greatness). Plainly - Ham Morons!

It is so very unfortunate that I have had the chance of knowing at least one super "Ham Otaku"!

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