Saturday, July 12, 2008

Radio Shack DSP-40: SSB & CW DSP Active Filter.

I mentioned in another post about the Radio Shack DSP-40 audio filter. This is a small add on active DSP audio filter made by Radio Shack primarily for use on SSB and CW modes. It is quite a simple unit with settings for bypass, medium bandwidth and narrow with audio filter settings for NR (Noise Reduction), SSB and CW.

One must bear in mind that this unit is a relatively simple cost effective unit and should not be compared with much higher end DSP units such as those of Timewave etc. It has a built in speaker and could be a useful addition to the mobile operator who has an older rig with little or no filtering. It is also extremely useful to the SWL/BCL for add on filtering to old SW radios. I would however suggest that you do not use the small speaker and use an external one instead.

I have two of these units which I have run for years and found them to be useful additions to older radios. I have one which is connected to my Kenwood TS-60 50MHz transceiver and the second as I mentioned earlier to my FT-901DM and the SP-901P external speaker.

They are no longer made by Radio Shack but are readily available on ebay for bidding between US$45-50 for closing price.

As I said do not expect top end DSP performance, as you pay for is what you get and for the price it serves it's purpose pretty darn well.
Above: The original Radio Shack packing for the DSP-40 Active Filter.

Above: One of my DSP-40's hooked up to my Kenwood TS-60.

Above: Close up of the DSP-40.

Above: A review on the DSP-40 by Steven Johnston, WD8DAS

Modification link for DSP-40:

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