Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Playing with sound enhancers for Hi-End PC Audio Playback

Further to my earlier posts introducing the DFX and Q Max II sound enhancer plug-ins, I actually downloaded both plug ins and added them to my SRS Sound Sandbox and started experimenting by first running one plug in, then 2 and finally all 3 in tandem with MP3 and CD playback using Real Player and Windows Media Play. The old adage is true here, one is better then none, two is better then one and three is just astounding! Of course you must do some careful adjustments for all three sound enhancers working in tandem so that audio input is not overloaded and distortion sets in, careful testing to find the the optimal threshold points is necessary and you will need to recalibrate to suit of course different types of music. Have played extensively with all 3 plug ins running in tandem, the best sound performance is on the windows media player. Real Player is just a bit more difficult to adjust when the DFX attachment is used.

The final verdict after testing all three together is that I can now really enjoy PC Hi-End HiFi quality sound and going back to bare bones with all 3 sound enhancer plug ins out, it is simply just not an option and not something that I could live with now. Have a go and try them out and you know what you have been missing! I have been using an SRS processor, a Barcus Berry Electronics BBE Sonic Maximizer and a Carver Sonic Holographic Generator together with a tube based buffer amplifier for sound reproduction in my main HiFi system (all hardware electronics) for many years and was fully satisfied and could never get the sound stage, ambiance, air, tonal quality and sheer harmonic detail on the PC system, but now with the 3 sound enhancer plug ins and music reproduced into a small pair of Sansui multi-media speakers with matching sub woofer the quality can rival my main system. Truly amazing what the new software DSP algorithms can do now to improve sound quality for the computer. There is now no turning back.

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