Thursday, February 17, 2011

I - Mego Retro Heavy Beats Headphones

I don't seem to have much time to myself these days, so don't have much time to do a full review of these headphones. But I was impressed by the build (no flimsy build here) and the audio quality, so I just had to make a short posting here for people who may not have heard of them. Check them out, take them for a test and you will be happy you did. The I-Mego Retro Classics Heavy Beats Headphones resemble the old Shure microphones Elvis used back in the 50′s. Very Stylish.

The Retro headphones are I-Mego’s range-topping line (sold for about $70) currently consisting of three models: Classic (chrome/white) mainly meant for human, vocal, new age and classical music and Heavy Beats (brown/gun metal) meant for R&B, Hip hop and rock, and a new red version for full range articulation which has just been released.

I-Mego Home Page

Driver Unit 2 X Ø40mm

Frequency Resp 20-20KHz

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