Sunday, February 20, 2011

Wouxun KG- UV920R Dual Band Mobile Transceiver.

Wouxun the Chinese HT manufacturer announced and showcased their first dual band mobile transceiver recently, called the KG - UV920R. It is earmarked for general release around May of 2011 and is said to be the first dual band FM mobile receiver released by a Chinese manufacturer.

Reports say that it sports 50 watts on VHF and 40 watts on UHF and n fact it sports 3 ham bands on transceive (220MHz - if you are in the USA, not much use for the rest of the world except for RX). Other feature include dual receivers, cross band repeating fuctions, general coverage HF receive with AM and extended RX from 65MHz to 220 MHz - FM band (would cover FM bands overseas and in the US, and analog TV broadcast audio, if that still exists anywhere). RX also on LW and MW in AM. Rumor has it the cost will be in the range of US$140 - 200.

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