Sunday, May 30, 2010

ESSB: Transmitted Audio Quality on Single Side Band.

Transmitted Audio Quality: If you are a serious SSB operator like I am then you will pay close attention to the transmitted audo quality of your signal. Two black boxes that you basically use for HiFi SSB are the 8 Band EQ and the EQplus produced by Julius Jones, W2IHY. I have found that these two gadgets produce a transmitted audio that is as close as broadcast audio quality as I can get on SSB and Julius did a great job. I get consistently excellent reports on my transmitted audio quality and have also found that with signals that I receive and find with exceptional audio quality that the station on the other side is running the same pair of black boxes.

The equipment used for transmitted audio at my station. [ Visit on details about eSSB]

Following is a photo montage of some of the audio processing equipment and microphone that I use for ESSB:

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