Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Tecsun S-2000 Receiver in the Shack and Test Driven.

The Tecsun S-2000 (OEM Grundig Grundig Satellit 750) is an exciting new portable that brings the world band broadcasts to your home. It provides complete coverage of all long wave, medium wave and shortwave frequencies as well as FM (stereo to the earphone jack), there is a pair of stereo RCA output jacks for connection to a stereo amplifier.

The S-2000 also receives the VHF Air Band (117-137 MHz). The radio includes the reception of the single sideband (SSB) mode allowing the reception ham radio , maritime and shortwave aeronautical stations. You can select either wide or narrow selectivity to reduce co-channel interference.

You can tune your favorite stations by the conventional tuning knob, quick keypad direct entry of via the 1000 memories. There are separate bass and treble controls. The radio provides an Earphone Jack and a Line Output Jack. Long distance Medium wave (AM band) reception is possible because of the built-in rotatable, directional ferrite antenna which also has a 3.5mm jack for direct connection to the external Tecsun AN-100 MW loop antenna. The right hand side of the radio has BNC type sockets and terminal-type for connection to external antennas. 14.65 x 7.24 x 5.75 inches.

The radio also provides due filter bandwidths "Wide" and "Narrow", a built in AC power supply or run off batters, clock and timer controls. Unfortunately there is no Sync. AM. Test driving the S-2000 on SW the performance was very good with smooth tuning from the VFO knob. My quibble is that frequency tuning is still too fast and should be refined even further for finer tuning. On SSB, one must use the SSB BFO tuning knob to fine tune the audio, SSB is actually not too bad when connected to a large outside antenna.

I have so far not noticed and over loading or imaging, but will listen some more in the evenings to the BC band on the SW. I was surprised by the quality of the knobs on my unit as these were all metallic, not "plastic".

I have not taken it for a drive on the Air Band so cannot verify or comment on the performance. FM performance is decent but could be better for DX purposes.

This is a nice BCL radio.

The photo below shows my vintage Sanyo RP-8880 sitting next to the latest Tecsun S-2000. One does wonder about where the outlook of the S-2000 came from?

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