Saturday, January 3, 2009

Tecsun AN-100 MW Tunable Loop Antenna.

Each antenna has a capacitor for fine tuning, designed originally to plug in directly to the Tecsun S-2000 radio, the loop can be used with virtually any MW radio for DX listening on the Medium Wave Band. The diameter of the loop is 9 inches (230mm), each loop is hand wound and made. I have found the loop quite effective in pulling in DX MW stations and have found it has comparable performance to by Terk and Radio Shack MW loops which are basically of the same design.


  • frequency range: 520KHz to 1710KHz.
  • No need battery or the external power supply required, this is a passive device.
  • Dedicated tuning knob (tuning capacitor) designed for peak frequency tuning.
  • Built-in output socket for connection directly with radios which have external medium wave antenna input socket (the connection cable coming in the package has the 3.5mm stereo standard plug only).
  • The loop diameter of the AN-200 antenna is 230 mm / 9 inch.
  • Easy to setup and use with the radios which have inside ferrite rods for medium wave antenna or which have an external medium wave antenna input socket.

How to setup and use the AN-100 MW Loop:

1. Connect the AN-100 medium wave loop antenna to the ferrite rod or telescopic rod of your MW radio or medium wave line-in socket of a BCL radio. If the radio does not have a medium wave line-in socket, the loop antenna can be placed nearby the radio and to the radio’s MW antenna, connect wind several winds of wire around the telescopic antenna of the radio and tune to resonant frequency using the tuning capacitor on the AN-100.

2. Set the radio for medium wave portion of the bands. Then rotate the tunable capacitor on AN-100 medium wave loop antenna to receive the best signal until the sound from broadcasting channel is clear and stable.

3. Rotate the loop antenna until you receive the strongest and clearest signal - this is a directional antenna.

I have used this loop successfully with my GE Super Radio III (Which is a MW DX radio) as well as my Tecsun S-2000.

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